Radical Enamelists Online Exhibition

Every year since 2014, internationally renowned artists at the cutting edge of the medium conduct Radical Enamel workshops for the Center for Enamel Art.

In intensive sessions of three to five days, each artist leads eight to twelve students in an expanded discovery of the versatility and potential of enamels. With innovative methods, insights on the personal creative process, and hands-on experience, every workshop is unique.

In this online exhibition, we are excited to give a taste of the diversity of style, aesthetic vision, and energy represented by this international roster: Melissa Cameron, Kristina Glick, Charity Hall, Jan Harrell, Janly Jaggard, Ana Lopez, Sharon Massey, Barbara McFadyen, Marissa Saneholtz, and Jessica Turrell. We introduce the artists as they see themselves: with personal Statements, short Bios, and examples of recent work:

Access them through the dropdown menu at the top right of this page. Enjoy!