Exeter Math Conference 2024

June 23 - 28       Information and how to register

Tom Reardon          tom@tomreardon.com         www.TomReardon.com

Exeter info link          - link for information about the conference, how to register, and how to apply for financial aid.

 Course offerings      -  link that takes you to the list of courses that are listed in numerical order. Please consider one or both of my courses:

04 - Choose From 40 Math Activities, Interesting Problems, Challenge Exercises, Warm-Ups, Grades 8 to 12 

Leader: Tom Reardon, Austintown Fitch High School and Youngstown State University, Youngstown, OH 

During my 40+ year career, I have accumulated several unique problems and activities that can be used for Algebra 1 through Calculus, at various levels of difficulty. We will utilize clever problem-solving strategies and encourage creative multiple solution paths. Some of the activities can be “individualized” so that each student gets their own unique problem. Technology use will be encouraged when it is appropriate. Participants will decide which activities they want to do/learn. Student sheets and teacher notes will be provided for all 40 exercises. A splendid time is guaranteed for all!

32 - Mathematically Model Current Real-World Data with Social Implications: Climate, Gun Violence,  and More… 

Leader: Tom Reardon, Austintown Fitch High School and Youngstown State University, Youngstown, OH 

Analyze, model, and interpret real data, while creating social awareness of important current issues. Use modeling equations to interpolate, extrapolate, interpret data and its consequences. Relevant topics to investigate include Opioids, Hot Car Temp Deaths, US Debt, COVID, Payday Loans, Plastic Straws, Greenland Ice Mass, Burning of Fossil Fuels, Gun Violence, Sitcoms, ... Learn how to create your own modeling activities. Pre-loaded graphing calculators are provided but data can be used with any graphing technology. Get all student sheets, teacher notes, solutions, and data sets in Excel.

Also consider the course taught by my good friend, Jeff McCalla:

22 - Tackling the Mathematics on the new Digital SAT 

Leader: Jeff McCalla, St. Mary's Episcopal School, Memphis, TN

The SAT is now an adaptive test? On the computer instead of paper? Are you ready for the massive changes to the format and content of the new digital SAT? Familiarize yourself with the changes made to the math section of the digital SAT. Learn strategies, calculator skills, and approaches that promote success for your students on the digital SAT. My school more than doubled the number of National Merit Finalists by getting ahead of the curve on these SAT changes.  

This is one of the BEST mathematics PD I have encountered. I highly recommend that you consider it.