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Why Choose Executive Real Estate Rentals over Traditional Hotels

Working away from home is an inevitable part of a range of job positions, but the reality of having corporate responsibilities doesn’t have to mean a busy hotel stay that leaves a lot to be desired. Nowadays, and thanks to a range of executive rentals on offer in Sydney, those who need to work away from the office aren’t expected to make do and strive to make the most of their stay.

Choosing hotels

Hotels can be great for overnight stays and they are likely to cater to basic business needs for those who choose rooms with dedicated facilities, but it may be worth it to bear in mind that they aren’t often equipped to deal with of the requirements of specific individuals.

In many ways, these types of accommodations are designed to meet the demands for more generalised uses; such as a desk to work from and a communal WiFi network. While this can prove to be more than enough for those who simply need a stop-gap to complete some necessary paperwork or to catch up on emails, the reality is that more and more professionals are left wanting more.

Where once hotels would have been the only types of accommodations on offer to those travelling for work (or other purposes), executive properties have come to the fore and moved with the times to offer a much broader potential for work-based needs.

Opting for tailored luxury rentals

With the ability to tailor apartments, maisonettes, or even houses (from as little as two-night stays), executive rentals can firstly offer a private, quiet environment for business meetings, digital conferences and even to entertain clientele – as well as potentially offering professionals an opportunity to request additional facilities to make their work tasks easier, too.

These facilities can include, but are not limited to:

· Dedicated office spaces to cater to a range of requirements

· Private Wi-Fi services

· Specialist hardware and software, or additional fixtures and amenities

· Telecommunications features, such as VoIP capabilities

· Dedicated luxury furnishings to promote a home from home feel

All of the above can work to enhance the functionality of a corporate stay – and this is something that real estate companies will strive to provide to their professional customers.

These types of features can help individuals to host important business meetings (either digital or physical), to connect with (and stay in touch with) colleagues and potential clients around the world, as well as to complete the tasks set out for them in a timely and responsive manner.

You may be forgiven for thinking that these types of facilities may end up costing more than they’re worth, but most providers will aim to remain competitive and affordable in order to maintain good standing and continue to offer specialist services to their customers.

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