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This is the right place for housing, in the right location, for the right price. You can rent the whole apartment or one bedroom.

A different exchange housing, located around Ciudad Salitre Neighborhood. It’s the perfect choice for Short or long Term Furnished Rentals for interns, exchange students, families or business people who travel to Bogotá. The flat is in a very strategic location because it is close to the airport, to downtown, to malls (Salitre Plaza, Gran Estación) and universities (Nacional University, Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Andes, Externado, Distrital, Central, El Rosario, La Salle).

See prices and photos by clicking on Flat Urkko - Galeras Room, Cumbal Room and Emerald Room.

* Transfer Airport-apartment Urkko: Only odd days (please book it several days beforehand)

Have the comfort and the wellness you deserve, in the nearest neighbourhood to "The Golden Mile"

Share your language and you will receive a special price

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Foreigners, Exchange students, Language schools and anyone else interested. It is about hosting a foreign exchange student, offering an international experience in comfortable rooms.

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