Welcome back, Excelsior students!

Your school library has thousands of titles to choose from during Distance Learning. Each month, I will feature just a few of the items available for request. The "About" page includes a form where you can suggest titles for future addition to our collection. On the "Project Page" is a form to request books for pick up from the Excelsior School Library. Excelsior Elementary School cares about our students, and we are here to help in any way we can.

Michael Sistrunck, School Library


The Hunger Games Trilogy

Thanks to a generous donation to your school library, we have brand new copies of Suzanne Collins' popular fantasy trilogy for the first time. Read for yourself the thrilling story of Katniss Everdeen and how one girl's courage inspired a rebellion!

Suggested Reading level: Grades 5-8


Welcome to Excelsior all you TK and Kindergarten students. Even though you haven't been to our school library yet, I can tell you: IT...IS...AWESOME! I can't wait to meet you in person, but in the meantime, there are a LOT of books to choose from in our library. We have books you can have mom, dad, grandma, grandpa or even big brothers and sisters read to you. Prefer to read the book yourself? Me too. Don't worry, we have plenty of books to get you started. Here are just a few books that last year's TKs and Kinders liked a lot.

Easy-to-Read Stories

This "book" is actually a collection of 16 different books by authors like Dr. Seuss, Stan & Jan Berenstain and Tomie de Paola. The reading levels span from beginning readers all the way to Grade 2 so have a big person read to you or have a go at it yourself.

Read alone or with help

Scholastic Readers

We actually had two boys argue over who would get this book last year! Scholastic readers doesn't disappoint offering a host of books with themes kids like. Our library has Hot Wheels, Clifford and Peppa the Pig so you can have fun as you learn to read.

Read alone or with help

First Little Readers

Last year, we acquired a set of these decodable books that are perfect for new readers. The books are short (just 8 pages) and are based on a repetition model that helps new readers learn and remember words on sight.

Read alone or with help


This year, we will be expanding the graphic novel section we began just last year. Below are a sample of what we have to offer now. If you have suggestions for future additions, let us know by filling out the form on the "About" page.

Stranger Things

Based on the popular Netflix series, this graphic novel follows young Will Byers who mysteriously finds himself in "The Upside Down", a shadowy realm where a strange, shrieking monster lurks around every corner. Will Will make it out? Volumes 1 & 2 available.

Suggested Reading level: Grades 3-6

The Smile Series

Best-selling author Raina Telgemeier's comic tales of pre-teen drama from her own childhood was a big hit with Excelsior readers. A Will Eisner award winner at Comic-Con International.

Suggested Reading level: Grades 2-6

Narwhal and Jelly books

Graphic novels aren't just for the big kids. Narwhal and Jelly books are graphic novels about two marine friends. Just right for younger readers.

Suggested Reading level: Grades 1-3


The Magic Tree House

This is one of our most popular chapter book series, and we have plenty of Magic Tree House books to choose. They all involve brother and sister, Jack and Annie who discover a tree house that used to belong to Morgan Le Fay, the magical librarian of Camelot. The siblings go on adventures across the globe and though history on behalf of Morgan Le Fay and her friend, Merlin the magician. If you request one of these books, make sure to include the specific title or volume number.

Suggested reading level: Grades 2-4

I Survived...

Lauren Tarshis's series of historical fiction follow children recounting their own stories of surviving major events and disasters in world history. This series was also extremely popular last year and due to limited copies, only one request will be honored at a time.

Suggested reading level: Grades 3-5


For those who enjoy a little bit of a chill with their reading material, Goosebumps is a series of supernatural thrillers by author R. L. Stine. If you've seen the movies (or even if you haven't), you'll love these books.

Suggested reading level: Grades 3-5

Animal Ark

Who doesn't like stories with cute animals as the main characters? Another popular Scholastic offering, all the stories involve different animals who go on all kinds of adventures. Each book is an independent story; they do not have to be read in a particular order, so try one out.

Suggested reading level: Grades 3-5

Who Is/Was...?

Illustrated junior biographies of famous people (Malala Yousafzai, Barack Obama, King Tut, Albert Einstein) in a novel format. Only one request will be honored at a time due to limited copies.

Suggested reading level: Grades 4-6

The Land of Stories

by Chris Colfer

While this series is technically in our Upper Fiction section, I have included it with the chapter books due to its popularity with students as young as Grade 4. The world of twins, Alex and Conner Bailey, changes when their grandmother gives them a magical fairy-tale book. As we only have one copy of each book in the series, there may be a waiting list for specific requests.

Suggested reading level: Grades 5-6


My Pyramid for Kids

Healthy bodies require healthy eating habits. My Pyramid for Kids is a book set that encourages healthy eating habits by teaching children about food groups and choosing healthy snacks.

Suggested reading level: Grades 1-3

How to Draw

For all of our up and coming artists, we have an extensive collection of how to draw books by author/artist Lee J. Ames that walk you through step-by-step instructions on drawing monsters, animals, superheroes and even cartoon characters.

Suggested reading level: Grades 3-6

Dorling Kindersley

Dorling Kindersley prints a host of non-fiction books on different topics including mythology, science and race cars. All of the books include detailed pictures and history.

Suggested reading level: Grades 4-6


OK upper grades. You've finally made it to the top of the food chain with your reading levels and think there's nothing else in your school library to read? Guess again. Here are some great choices, just for my power readers who are ready for that junior high level.

Suggested Reading Levels: Grade 6 or higher

The Land of Oz

by L. Frank Baum

You can never go wrong with the classics. Sure, this is the same story your parents read as kids, but that's how you know they're good. Baum's 7-volume set about little Dorothy and the wonderful land of Oz has AR reading levels from 7.0-8.1!

Suggested reading level: Grade 6-8

Dear America

Our Dear America section has numerous stories for fans of historical fiction. Each told in diary form and including actual historical photos, if you liked the I Survived series when you were younger, you're ready for something even better.

Suggested reading level: Grades 6-7

The Trumpeter of Krakow

by Eric P. Kelly

The Charnetskis are a noble, Polish family living in Ukraine. They have been entrusted with a powerful gem called the "Great Tarnov Crystal". Now a Tartar chief wants to possess it, and the Charnetskis flee to Krakow (Poland) to keep it safe. An exciting and adventurous piece of historical fiction, this book won a Newbery Medal for excellence in American Children's Literature.

Suggested reading level: Grades 7-8

The Lord of the Rings

by J.R.R. Tolkien

While I'm a fan of both the books and the movies, I've never believed that the movies did Tolkien justice, but I will let you be the judge. The Lord of the Rings is Book 1 in a trilogy of fantasy novels where a band of unlikely heroes set out on an epic quest to save their world from a faceless evil.

Suggested reading level: Grades 6-8

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

by Mark Twain

Originially written in 1889, this is the story of an American engineer from Connecticut named Hank Morgan who receives a blow to the head and is somehow transported in time and space to England during the reign of King Arthur. This complete and unabridged version has one of the highest A.R. level scores in our library (9.2!).

Suggested reading level: Grades 7-9

The Dark Hills Divide

by Patrick Carman

In Book 1 of the Land of Elyon series, Alexa Daley is spending another summer in Bridewell, in the fictional land of Elyon. While there, Alexa attempts to solve the mystery of what lies beyond the immense walls built to keep out an unnamed evil that lurks in the Dark Hills. This is an exceptional fantasy series and we have all 4 books in the school library.

Suggested reading level: Grades 6-8