Breakout Staff Meeting - EXAMPLE

Hurry! Quick! You've got to help Mrs. Akers!

Last night, when she was just about finished up setting her "I love Rennell Elementary!" room, she stood back to enjoy her tribute to the best school ever. She didn't want Madison, Jackson, or even Joseph to mess up her perfect Rennell Elementary tribute room, so she set up 4 locks to keep EVERYONE out so that her perfect Rennell Room would forever remain in pristine condition. She left clues for herself about the locks hidden around the room just in case she ever forgets.

This morning, Mrs. Akers can't seem to find her badge ANYWHERE! It must have fallen off somewhere in her Rennell Room while she was decorating! She's already on the way to the school but won't be able to get in, open doors, run the perfect staff meeting, or perform her other principal duties without it!!!

Quick! You've got to solve the locks to get Mrs. Akers' badge back and learn more about what she was planning to share at the staff meeting!

Click around the Rennell Room below to find clues and solve the puzzles to unlock the locks below the room (scroll down to see the Rennell Room and then scroll down even more to see the "locks"). Once you've gotten all locks correct (it will tell you if you get them wrong), hit the submit button to return Mrs. Akers' badge to her!


  • Find all FOUR places Mrs. Akers' has hidden clues
  • Complete each activity
  • Solve the puzzles
  • Enter the codes for each lock
  • Click "Next" once all locks are entered correctly
  • Save the day!

What are you waiting for? Start searching that room!