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Why the name?

As an educator for over 25 years, I have learned that learning truly happens with 3 R's- Relationships, Relevancy, and Rigor. On paper, this sounds very nice. But in reality, this is hardly practiced in our educational systems. I began to question many years ago why certain very relevant concepts are not taught in our classrooms. For example, real estate is a topic that children, youth, and young adults are never taught about in our schools. But we all know that going through the real estate purchasing process (or even the rental process) is something that everyone is going to experience.

Full time employment comes with being a Middle School Engineering and Computer teacher in Warrensville Heights. I am also the lead advisor for the ACE Mentoring program at the high school. These relevant and hands on experiences with teaching and learning about Engineering, The Design Process, Computer Programming, Architecture, and Construction has helped so many people Elevate themselves so they can experience a better life for themselves and their families.

Our name, Everybody Elevated Investments LLC, was generated in order to Lift People up from their current circumstances. I ask myself daily whether my students and individuals that I come across are Lifted Up with relevant learning.

For every aspect of this business I reflect on these questions to see how my interactions will result in Everyone being Elevated:

  • Will my clients learn something new?

  • Will the relationships with my clients be positive and memorable?

  • Will clients experience an interaction from me and my services that will be Elevating?

This company is an investment company. I look forward to investing my time and energy with you.


Nevin Jenkins, CEO