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Theater Arts Production Team Handbook


Tammy Harvey –


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Remind 101 for High School Theater Arts

Remind 101 for Middle School Theater Arts

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Table of Contents

1. Mission

2. Letter from the Director

3. Goals

4. Course Syllabus

5. Classroom & Rehearsal Policies

6. Attendance Policy and Conduct

7. Auditions, Rehearsals & Performances

8. Parent/Guardian and Student Commitment Form

1. Mission

It is our mission to gain an appreciation for theater as an art form by our collaborative efforts and by our dedication to creating excellent performances for our school and community with pride, discipline, class and a competitive spirit.

2. Letter From the Director

Dear Theater Families,

I would like to welcome you and your child to the Eustace Middle School's and Eustace High School's Theater Production Team. I am looking forward to a wonderful school year!

As your child’s Theater Production Teacher and U.I.L. One Act Play Director, my commitment is to create a safe, enriching, and positive learning environment. I would like all students to approach their theater experience with a sense of determination, and with a spirit of cooperation through collaboration of this art form by learning, understanding and applying theater skills learned in the classroom and during the production process.

Team members will be expected to lead by example and to encourage one another towards performances done with pride, enthusiasm and excellence. By establishing this mutual respect for one another's talents, they gain an appreciation for theater as an art form and grow as artists while gaining valuable life skills. Learning that theater is a collaborative, not an individual art form, students are able to discover that success only comes with personal commitment and working together as a team or family. The most talented artists become excellent in their art because they understand that they must practice and apply skills learned daily.

I encourage you to email me should you have any questions or concerns. All of the information regarding events and classroom instruction can be found under quick links from the Theater Web page.

Attached you will find a copy of our theater discipline plan, as well as policies and procedures designed to help the classroom, productions and rehearsals run smoothly.

Please make sure that you and your child have read this handbook together. Participation in the Theater Production class and Team requires that you both sign the contract stating you understand the requirements for participation in Theater Production and in ANY production, event or rehearsal and will adhere to and support these expectations and procedures as well as school policies regarding extracurricular and U.I.L. related activities. School policies regarding participation in extracurricular activities and U.I.L. related events can be found in the Student Handbook provided by the district.

Once again, if you have any questions about this letter or the theater department's production program, please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you,

Tammy Harvey

2. Goals

"The stage is not merely the meeting place of all the arts, but it is also the return of art to life." - Oscar Wilde

1. To learn teamwork, commitment, self discipline, dependability and respect.

2. To develop internal and external resources

3. Create theater through artistic collaboration

4. Relate theater to its social context

5. Form aesthetic judgments and appreciate criticisms of others

6. Learn to use the body and voice in expressive ways

7. Learn acting concepts and skills

8. Learn theater production concepts and skills

3. Class Syllabus

"Without WONDER and INSIGHT, acting is just a trade. With it, it becomes CREATION." - Bette Davis

Eustace High School

Class: Theater Production & Technical Theater

Theater Production Curriculum

Required Textbook: Theatre Art in Action

Required for Enrollment: Completed the Thea I & Thea II courses or Thea I and participation in a U.I.L. One Act Play in 8th or 9th Grade. All students must have teacher and/or the school counselor(s) recommendation and approval to participate in Theater Production. This is a competition class with limited enrollment of 30 students.

*Participation in U.I.L. Contests and Competitions are mandatory for this class.

Suggested Activities and Projects: U.I.L. One Act Play; U.I.L. Theatrical Design & Selected Festival Participation; U.I.L. Poetry and/or Prose, Run Crew Assignments

*selected plays, crew assignments, assigned roles, projects and selections of this syllabus may be changed at the teacher's discretion

Course Syllabus

Eustace Middle School

Introduction to Theatre Arts -8th grade

Middle School Theater Curriculum

Middle School Theater Arts

Required Textbook: Drama Projects

All students must have teacher and/or the school counselor(s) or administrations recommendation and approval to participate in Intro to Theater Arts.

*Students are required to participate in U.I.L. One Act Play when enrolled in this class. Class size is limited to 24 total students.

Selected projects for this class: UIL One Act Play, Duet Scenes, and Spring Art Festival: Musical Theater Choreography

4. Classroom Policies & Rehearsal Expectations

1. Be on time for class. If you are not seated by the tardy bell, you're tardy.

2. Treat everyone with respect and courtesy

3 . Raise your hand and wait for recognition to speak- keep it relevant so everyone has a chance to speak!

4. Listen to instructions. Accidents happen when you don't listen!

5. Follow directions & ask questions if you need more clarification.

6. Applaud for one another and encourage your classmates. This is part of your grade!

7. Participate- this means be ready and willing to step out of your comfort zone.

8. Follow all school rules in the E.H.S. & E.M.S. Student handbooks (dress code, cell phones, appropriate language, etc.)

9. NO GUM, NO FOOD and NO DRINKS are allowed in ANY Theater or Auditorium.

10. You may speak with the teacher or director privately if you have questions regarding a decision or directions or given.

5. Eligibility and Grading Policy

Certain activities are classified as "eligibility activities" by the Texas Education Agency (T.E.A.) . T.E.A. has a specific list of activities which include: contests, public performances, demonstrations, displays, and pep rallies. Maintaining eligibility is the student's responsibility. Students must maintain a 70 or above to participate in these activities according to state requirements, however any student that falls below a 75 will be expected to attend tutorials in that class during the tutorial time assigned and will be restricted from participation until they have been removed from that list by the Dean of Students on their campus.

All grades that are given follow the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) guidelines.

Participation and Daily Grades (60% of total grade)

Participation: A weekly grade based on the students participation in rehearsal and his/her rehearsal behavior. Please note that some of the reasons listed below may also be in violation of the school's code of conduct and will require referral to the Campus Behavior Coordinator.

Points may be deducted for the following reasons:

  • not bringing materials to rehearsal or class

  • having food, gum or drinks

  • talking without permission

  • not participating in classroom exercises

  • extraneous noises

  • interrupting the teacher

  • inappropriate behavior or talking

  • touching items that are not under your assigned role or that do not belong to you

  • mistreating and/or loss or destruction of items provided by the district or that may be borrowed/rented from an outside source

  • removing items from school property without permission

  • not being in class on time

  • not being prepared for class, required rehearsals, contests and performances after being given adequate time for preparation and/or after being entered in an official contest

  • leaving the classroom or rehearsal space without permission from the teacher

  • failure to wait for dismissal from the teacher

  • any discussion that is considered detrimental to the production process and/or diminishing to the work done by others or yourself onstage

  • mischief and/or horseplay and using school facilities for any reason of than that of its intended use

Daily grades may consist of journals, quizzes, worksheets, projects, essays, homework, memorization, notations on movement, or other objective assessments.

Performances and Tests (40% of total grade)

Minimum of 3 major grades for each grading period.

Major Grades may include: Scene work, monologues, performances, and written tests. The student will receive test grades for performances based on:

  • performance etiquette

  • back stage etiquette

  • focus

  • audience etiquette

  • overall participation and behavior

  • demonstrated knowledge and application of skills taught in the classroom

Scene work and monologues will be announced at least a week in advance and a study sheet will be provided stating the expectations and objectives of the assigned work.

6. Attendance Policy and Conduct

Theater Production does require attendance to scheduled activities outside of normal school hours because students in this state adopted course also participate in "extracurricular activities" that are activities sponsored by the University Interscholastic League. The Texas Education Agency's policy states that an extra curricular activity may require attendance to activities outside of class time and that grades may be given when that student is enrolled in a state course where demonstration of (TEKS) are required for that course per the commissioner rule 19 TAC Rule 76 1001. All extra curricular activities are also considered "eligibility activities" It is important for students and parents alike to understand the time commitment for fine arts. Any absence from a performance or rehearsal without prior approval from the teacher will be classified as an unexcused absence and will adversely a student's grade. Absences may only be cleared through the attendance office with a written note from the parent or attending physician when applicable.



Students are expected to follow the code of conduct set forth in the Eustace I.S.D. Student Handbook and Code of Conduct. Students that violate these rules will be referred to the Campus Behavior Coordinator.

EHS Student Code of Conduct:

7. Auditions & Rehearsals

Required for Enrollment/Participation:

Theater Production/Technical Theater or Intro to Theater: 8th Grade

  • 8th Grade: All students enrolled in the Intro to Theater Course are required to audition and participate in the U.I.L. One Act Play contest. A student enrolled that refuses to participate or fails to maintain eligibility may be removed from the course.

  • All auditions will be held in the specified location on the day(s) assigned. The dates for auditions can be found on the calendar of events. Theater Events Calendar

  • Students must pick up a script and/or the selected audition pieces prior to the auditions to prepare for the role they'd prefer.

  • Audition selections will be available to students prior to the audition date.

  • All 9th-12th grade students must meet the following criteria to audition for U.I.L. One Act Play in the Spring Semester : Completed Intro to Theater in 8th Grade and were a U.I.L. OAP participant or have completed Theater I in high school or may be currently enrolled as a freshman in a Theater Class and were cast in the fall play within the same school year.

  • Roles will be cast based on preparedness, memorization, characterization, suitability for the role, previous experience, stage presence and in some instances may require a recommendation from a previous school or teacher.

  • Grade level is not a factor in being selected for lead roles. A senior with previous experience may play a bit role while a sophomore that has completed only Theater I may be cast in a lead role.

  • Students that are not enrolled in a Theater class are welcome to audition for the fall semester play, but they must adhere to the same guidelines set forth in this handbook regarding behavior, conduct and eligibility and will become part of the Theater Production Team.

  • All roles in any production are of equal importance to the production and will be treated with the same respect and regard by the director and students.

  • Students may audition for specific roles of their choice, however they must agree and be willing to accept any role in which they are cast without expectation of a rebuttal.

  • Students are expected to attend all rehearsals, performances, and dress rehearsals as assigned according to the calendar.

  • Calendars for rehearsal will be discussed with the student at least one week prior to the first rehearsal date. Any dates a student may not be available due to conflicting school activities needs to be communicated at that time.

  • No student will be allowed to audition, rehearse or participate without a parent having signed the Theater Production parent/student contract and permission form.

  • All students enrolled in Theater Production are required to attend the The Theater Production meetings held weekly during B lunches.

  • Any student and/or parent/guardian of the student that fails to turn in the parent/student contract and permission may be removed from the Theater Production/Technical Theater class and reassigned to another theater class.

  • Conduct Code violations during school, after school or during any scheduled performance, contest, rehearsal on or off campus, etc. will be dealt with and in accordance to the school's code of conduct policy.

  • Violations of classroom rules or rehearsal expectations will require the student to confer with the teacher to resolve the issue. Parents are encouraged to set up a conference with the teacher should there be any question regarding disciplinary consequences in relation to rules and expectations.

8. Parent and/or Guardian and Student Agreements

All parents and/or Guardians and students must sign a consent and agreement form acknowledging they understand the requirements to participate in Theater Production, Technical Theater and Intro to Theater competition courses at Eustace High School and at Eustace Middle School. All signed consent forms will be kept on file in the Theater Director's office and a copy of each will be sent to the Principal of their designated campus.

Commitment Form for the E.M.S./E.H.S. Theater Arts Production Team

Forms will be made available to your student on August 30, 2021.

Please sign and return all forms by September 8, 2021.