The European Talbot workshop is a yearly workshop held in a quiet lodging somewhere is Europe, where 30-35 graduate and post-doc students can learn about and discuss a cutting-edge topic in topology, supervised by two mentors who are experts in the subject.


The concept of this workshop was inspired by the American Talbot workshop.


We would like to thank our ongoing funding with the SFB 1085 and the SPP 1786, especially our current Coordinators (SFB contact) Georgios Raptis and Marc Levine of the SPP.


The current organisers are Bertram Arnold, Luciana Bonatto, Jack Davies, and Alice Hedenlund.

Past organisers include Tobias Barthel, Amalie Høgenhaven, Magdelena Kedziorek, and Sean Tilson.


We are always interested in suggestions for improvements or topics for future workshops, so feel free to contact us!