eTwinning project

The box of stories:

once upon a time

The project stems from the deep-rooted assumption that the imaginary constitutes the backbone of all the fantasies and projections about one's future.

Through it the child, as the hero grows, socializes and becomes a participant of a given culture, of a collective imagination or common belonging which, with literature, art, fairy tale and myth we call humanistic culture that culture which becomes essential seed for a healthy and conscious maturation and to make sense of the immensity of things that have happened, happen and will happen in the real world. Furthermore, the Myth is seamless, without borders those we want to eliminate for an effective European growth. The universal myths are intertwined through currents of thought and feeling. When we see them in this perspective we realize that humanity is a unique people. The narrative helps the little ones to think, to identify with others and to choose between good and evil. Literature is a powerful instrument of joy, and above all it is an important educational tool for educating children in mutual respect.