Empowerment through Education was a pool of teachers across the UK whose aim is to support Black students in achieving well in their studies, helping to reduce the attainment divide and help to end social inequality.

Black students will be disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic, and with the knowledge that Black students often fall into the disadvantaged category, now more than ever these students need our support.

The EEF suggests that this pandemic will reverse any progress made in reducing the gap, with many teachers fearing this may now never be reduced. Affluent students will not be impacted in the same way, as most still attend online lessons, and have access to private tutoring.

Since June 2020 our tutors worked with many students to support them with their learning. Unfortunately, this service isn't something we are able to continue managing now that school has returned to 'normal'. We would like to thank all of our tutors who gave their time, and all of the students who took the step to contact us and devote their time to improving their education.

We shall continue to share up to date research and current opportunities to continue supporting ending social inequality on our social media.