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Proper Estate planning is for everyone. Anyone can become disabled at any time. Oklahoma Estate planning is about making certain YOUR wishes are followed.

"While I am living I want to control my stuff. If I become disabled I want to take care of myself and my loved ones. I want to give what I want, to whom I want, when I want."

We know that each individual and family is unique. That is why we take time as lawyers, at the beginning of each relationship, to sit down and visit with you regarding your goals and dreams. And, to carefully listen to your worries and fears. We are proud to provide each client personal representation and individual attention.

Estate planning is a topic that may seem intimidating. It's not! Our lawyers can help you make it easy and straightforward for when the time comes. We provide high-quality legal representation with your best interests in mind to ensure things go smoothly, including: wills, trusts, power of attorney, guardianships and more. We offer free consultations so contact us today to get started with estate planning!

Lawyers call this Client-Centered Estate Planning.

The goal for lawyers is to develop long-term relationships with you, so that your wishes become the key objective of your estate plan. Serving Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas, we want to ensure that everything in your life will be taken care of and you can rest assured knowing that all decisions are in good hands. To learn more about our services, follow this link or contact us today by phone. Read one of our many reviews. Whether it's probate planning, wills and trusts, or business succession planning we are here to help you.

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