Modalities in Substructural Logics: Applications at the Interfaces o Logic, Language and Computation

7-8 th of August, Week 2 of ESSLLI 2023

11.00-1230, 2.00-3.30

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Supported by 2020 MSCA-Rise project MOSAIC

Workshop Description

By calling into question the implicit structural rules that are taken for granted in classical logic, substructural logics have brought to the fore new forms of reasoning with applications in many interdisciplinary areas of interest. Modalities, in the substructural setting, provide the tools to control and finetune the logical resource management. The workshop explores the uses of substructural modalities in areas where logic meets linguistics and computer science. The workshop is supported by the EU-funded MOSAIC project (Modalities in Substructural Logics: Theory, Methods and Applications).



Semantic analysis of subexponential modalities

Daniel Rogozin

Multimodality in the Hypergraph Lambek Calculus

 Tikhon Pshenitsyn

A Kripke Semantics for Hajek's BL

Andrew Lewis-Smith

Explorations in Subexponential Non-associative Non-commutative Linear Logic

Eben Blaisdell, Max Kanovich, Stepan Kuznetsov, Elaine Pimentel and Andre Scedrov

DisCoCat for Donkey Sentences

Lachlan McPheat and Daphne Wang

Algorithmic correspondence for modal relevance logics: inductive formulae and the algorithm M-PEARL

Willem Conradie, Valentin Goranko, Peter Jipsen

Copying and Movement in Extended Lambek Calculus

Michael Moortgat, Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh, Gijs Wijnholds