Erik Slivken

I am finishing a CNRS Postdoctoral researcher under Cristina Toninelli at University of Paris VII, LPSM and moving to Dartmouth College to be a Visiting Instructor starting this Fall. Previously I was a Krener Assistant Professor at UC Davis, working with Janko Gravner. I received my Phd in Mathematics under Christopher Hoffman in 2014 from the University of Washington.

My research is a mix of probability and combinatorics with connections to theoretical computer science and statistical mechanics. I am drawn to a variety of topics: random permutations and permutations patterns, discrete stochastic processes, bootstrap percolation, etc. I am particularly interested in the limiting behaviors of discrete systems. Given a combinatorial family of objects, what can we say about the shape and statistics of a typical large object in the family? For some stochastic process, what is the long term behavior of the process and how sensitive is the behavior with respect to initial conditions?

A list of papers with links to arxiv preprints can be found under Research. Also listed are past and upcoming talks.

Here is my CV.

I can be reached at eslivken[at]