We raced the Pacific Cup 2022 from San Francisco to Hawaii, and back: 5,000nm!

Join us and support our fundraiser for sustainable oceans!

5,000 nm in 5 weeks

We raced from San Francisco all the way to Kaneohe on the island of O'ahu in Hawaii, stayed a few days upon the race arrival and then head back to San Francisco. We ranked 3rd in the doublehanded class.

5,000 nm = 5,700 miles = 9,200 kms

13 days racing, 18 days back to San Francisco, approaching the Pacific garbage patch

Two sailors, one boat

We are Fred and Erwan: we met in 2012 in San Francisco and have been sailing together since.... although on much smaller boats such as the Open 5.70 or the Diam24. Fred took his family for a full year tour of the Atlantic Ocean some 20 years ago, and Erwan crossed from Hawaii to San Francisco in 2021 with two buddies. The Pac Cup 2022 allowed us to get back to offshore sailing. Our goal was to cross back and forth, to raise awareness for the organizations we support... and to have fun! It's about the voyage, it's about enjoying every little bit of this experience. Finishing 3rd in the double-handed class was awesome icing on the cake! Check how we customized our Pogo 30 for this adventure.

We are fundraising for

SeaTrees, by non-profit Sustainable Surf, makes it easy for anyone who cares about the ocean (don't we all) to directly support communities planting and protecting blue-carbon coastal ecosystems. The most effective way to such carbon out of the atmosphere - Period.

The Marine Mammal Center advances global ocean conservation through rescue and rehabilitation, scientific research and education.

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FB & Insta : eskorin.sailing

More about the boat

Our boat is a Pogo 30 built by Structures, a French boat maker known for its Mini 6.50 and Class 40 race winning rockets.

Our sails have been designed and crafted by All Purpose, a French sailmaker who equips many Vendee Globe sailors :)

team photo credits: Maude Bouju