ESHIP Goals Community Dashboard

Theory of Change

What are the ESHIP Goals?

Based on the input of more than 1,000 ecosystem builders, we’ve formulated The ESHIP Goals: a proposed set of collective objectives to further fortify the entrepreneurial ecosystem building field. The solutions to the ESHIP Goals will serve as tenets to the field, and the goals themselves are a checklist to help us prioritize, organize, and collaborate as we work together to improve the effectiveness of our emerging field as a whole, and as a result, the effectiveness of individual ecosystem builders everywhere.

For more background on the intentions and inspirations for the ESHIP Goals, check out the goals tab of the current draft of the Kauffman Ecosystem Building Playbook.

Meetup Schedule

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[*times in CST]

Goal 1 - Inclusive Field: 1st Wednesday @ 2:00pm
Goal 2 - Collaborative Culture: 3rd Monday @ 2:00pm
Goal 3 - Shared Vision: 3rd Wednesday @ 12:00pm
Goal 4 - Connected Networks: 2nd Wednesday @ 2:00pm
Goal 5 - Practical Metrics + Methods: 1st Monday @ 2:00pm
Goal 6 - Universal Support: 2nd Monday @ 12:00pm
Goal 7 - Sustainable Work: 4th Monday @ 2:00pm
Storytelling: 4th Wednesday @ 2:00pm

Rules of Engagement

  • Break rules and dream
  • Open doors and listen
  • Experiment and iterate together
  • Design for the whole system and all points of view
  • Take our work seriously but not personally
  • Know that done is better than perfect
  • Define and own our next steps
  • Have more fun together
  • Pay it forward

You may be an Ecosystem Builder if you believe...

  • there is a need for a new model for inclusive economic development, one that takes into account the whole system.
  • to build these complex yet accessible systems, we must act in interdependent, inclusive, and equitable ways.
  • these living systems evolve in complex ways, and that without collectively-held intent, they cannot grow to their full natural potential.
  • in connecting and collaborating to help others succeed
  • in a sharing mindset.
  • in abundance and possibility instead of scarcity and roadblocks
  • engage the entire entrepreneurial stack through their active initiatives
  • in working to truly engage and include everyone
  • driven by results and dedicated to making real/deep impact
  • in being fully invested in helping other ecosystems grow as much as their own
  • in not being driven by self-interest.
  • in not being focused on gaining cash, credit or control.
  • not simply being idealistic, but in getting things done!

Communication Channels


  • continue conversations
  • deepen relationships
  • share best practices


  • engage in working groups
  • stay in the loop on goal activity and progress
  • support one another in ecosystem initiatives