Hope-Page 5th Grade

We are learners, leaders, achievers, and believers. 

We WILL change the world!

September Leader

"Reece is a great friend" - Tyler

"He worries about himself" - Emmitt

"He is always ready to help" - Beau

"He is very active" - Callie

"He is kind to people" - Kendall

"He is always happy" - Brody

"He is good at sports and he doesn't get upset by the little things" - Lane

"He is good at football" - Petter

"He is good at sports and is very smart. He is kind, nice, and good at football" - Richard

"I can depend on Reece to be kind, safe, and ready in the classroom. He is always ready to learn!" - Mrs. Erickson

February Leader

"She is one of the best friends. She never makes you sad, she will always make you happy" - Keith

"She is smart" - Ethan

"She helps out when people need help" - Shayden

"She is  kind" - Jack

"She is always kind to everyone" - Brynlee

"If you are sad, she cheers you up" - Baylee

"She is a good friend and she also gets her work done on time" - Norah

"She is really good at IXL and helps someone when they need it" - Raymond

"She is intelligent" - Toren

"She is kind" - Sophie

"She is a really good friend" - Addi

"She is amazing and is a good help" - Faith

"She is really funny" - Jakob

"She will always make you smile" - Jesse

"I love Kora! She is such a hard worker & a great leader. She shows integrity, and always does the right thing." - Mrs. Erickson

January Leader

"He is an amazing kid" - Jakob

"He is good at football" - Sophie

"He is funny" - Madison

"He is good at four-square" - Jesse

"Ray is nice" - Addison

"He is kind" - Keith

"Kind & Funny" - Norah

"He is a good friend to hang around with" - Toren

"Raymond likes to play with friends" - Shayden

"He is generous" - Jack

"He is friends with everyone" - Brynlee

"He is helpful" - Baylee

"He is funny" - Ethan

"He is good at sports" - Kora

"Raymond is a hard worker. He is always ready for a challenge." - Mrs. Erickson

December Leader

"Jakob is very creative" - Kora

"He is very nice and talented" - Jack

"He is funny & kind" - Faith

"Energetic" - Ethan

"He is always able to make someone smile" - Brynlee

"Chicken" - Shayden (he likes chickens)

"Jakob is helpful" - Norah

"He is kind and funny" - Addi

"He is hilarious" - Jesse

"Jakob is funny & creative" - Sophie

"He is a good friend" - Toren

"Jakob is the kindest kid. He is always willing to help and watches out for others." - Mrs. Erickson

Jakob Kleven

November Leader

"Addi is funny & creative. She always thinks positive." - Baylee

"She is good at math, and is respectful" - Jakob

"She is sweet, kind, and helpful. She is beautiful." - Faith

"You can always trust her" - Brynlee

"She agrees with other people's ideas. She is kind to little kids." - Ethan

"She is a really good friend" - Kora

"She is a really, really good friend. She cleans up after herself." - Keith

"Addi is very energetic" - Madi

"She invites people to play at recess"  - Toren

"She doesn't ever leave people out in a game" - Shayden

"She is funny and she is nice to be around" - Sophie

"She is always on task and is not ditching people" - Norah

Addison Satrom

October Leader

"She is very kind and loyal. If people are sad, she cheers them up" - Baylee

"She is always helping someone out if they are stuck with something" - Norah

"She is always prepared to help people if they are hurt" - Brynlee

"Faith is always there to help" - Jakob

"She is really funny. She is positive and doesn't leave people out." - Shayden

"She is a good friend" - Addison

" Faith is very helpful and patient" - Kora

"She is very pretty and she is funny & helpful. You can always trust her." - Madi

"She is funny." - Sophie

"Faith is a really nice person, and always has fun." - Keith

"She is always willing to help out when I need and she always has a smile on her face." - Mrs. Erickson

"I am a beautiful, kind, amazing, and trusting." - Faith

Faith Viale