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The Project

As demonstrated by the most recent researches on the state of the art, there is a lack of systematic methodologies and tools for the assessment of Key Competences and also Citizenship Competences (Fairness, honesty, kindness, positive attitude, respect, responsibility, teamwork, trustworthiness) have not a frame for evaluation.

This project aims to support teachers through the development of a methodology for the assessment of Key Competences and Citizenship Competences, using peer review and peer evaluation among teachers and students.

This definition represents and important step for a process of trasformation of the European educational systems, particularly in this period, where Europe is living a big crisis and euroscetticism, connected to the migrants, refugees, who are coming in our countries.

Our objectives are:

1. To create new approaches, policies guidance and tools to plan paths, assess and certify the competences, for a school based on Key Competences.

2. To implement a frame with methodologies and tools for an authentic assessment of Competences ( formative and summative ) for improving the teaching process effectiveness.

The methodology will integrate a framework for the self-assessment of Key Competences in the lower/upper secondary school, a web application for the self-assessment and the a set of didactic approaches and strategies for teachers aimed to support them in the application of the procedure (Guidelines).

The impact is focused on teachers, in particular they will improve their teaching skills using peer review.

At the same time also students will improve their study method and school succes using peer evaluation trhought DEBATE methodology.

Together, they will be more consciousness about the European Citizenship Competences, for improving a climate that will be positive in this particular moment: crisis and euroscetticism are strong and so we have to valorize the values of our Europe.

The sustainability of the project will permit:

o To transfer the methodology across regions and countries (we can propose a KA2 in Erasmus Plus in more than one field projects involved University).

o Supporting a continuous sharing of knowledge, practices, tools among teachers and institutions (we can propose a research in the field of the University).

At the national level, the outputs sustainability is assured by:

o The integration of the project results within the didactic practice of the involved target.

o The involvement of the main national and local actors committed into the project activities that will further.

o The agreement with local actors to spread the methodology for the recognition of competences.

We will apply the Debate Methodology, according peer evaluation system, on the school curricula, on the training course for new teachers.

Erasmus+ KA2 · Peer evaluation & We debate · 2016 · 2018

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