A Connect2 reservation is required to borrow equipment from the SOC Equipment Room.

Large reservations should be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Reserve Equipment

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Reserve a Studio or Suite

(all reservations are tentative until approved)

In Connect2 click on Book by Category, then select SOC Edit Suites & Studios

Enter your username

Find the suite or studio you wish to reserve and click on Create booking

NOTE: Not all suites and studios are available to all Connect2 customers. If you cannot access what you need, please notify your professor, Tom Fish, or Julia Moroles.

Enter a start date and time either by clicking on the calendar or completing the Start date and Time fields.

Enter an End date and Time (maximum 3 hours).

Click Next.

Review your reservation/booking then click on Submit.

Review your email notifications carefully

Many suite and studio reservations require management review and approval. This extra step allows management an opportunity to check for scheduling conflicts.

For example, in the case of the MIL and MIL Audio Booth either Tom Fish or Julia Moroles will check your reservation against other class and event scheduling calendars. The first notification you receive from Connect2 will report a tentative booking. Later you will receive a notification either confirming our denying your booking.

Read the email creafully. It will say:

  • You requested: MIL & MIL Audio Booth (Confirmed)


  • You requested: MIL & MIL Audio Booth (Denied)