Working Papers

"The Buck Stops Where? Federalism, Uncertainty, and Investment in the Brazilian Water and Sanitation Sector". Revise and Resubmit at American Economic Journal: Economic Policy

"Social Network Effects on Waste Management and Sanitation in Urban and Rural Neighborhoods" with Molly Lipscomb & Laura Schechter

"The Role of Basic Sanitation Plans on Service Provision: Evidence from Brazil"


"(Not So) Gently Down The Stream: River Pollution and Health in Indonesia" with Teevrat Garg, Stuart Hamilton, Jacob Hochard & John Talbot. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Vol. 92, 2018. [Data and Code]

"Remote-Sensing Supports Economic Inference in Developing Countries" with Jacob Hochard in GEOValue: The Socioeconomic Value of Geospatial Information, Chapter 13, 2017, Taylor & Francis

"The Effects of Home-Based HIV Counseling and Testing on HIV/AIDS Stigma among Individuals and Community Leaders in Western Kenya: Evidence from a Cluster-Randomized Trial" with Corinne Low, Cristian Pop-Eleches, Winnie Rono, Angeli Kirk, Samson Ndege, Markus Goldstein, and Harsha Thirumurthy. AIDS Care, Special Issue: Effects of Investing in Communities on HIV/AIDS Outcomes, Vol. 25 (1), 2013. [Published under name: “Evan Plous”]

"Production and use of biodegradable materials for incorporation in a non-toxic, eco-friendly battery" Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science, Vol. 110 (1), 2007. [Published under name: “Evan Plous”]

Selected Works in Progress

"Greener on the Other Side? Spatial Discontinuities in Property Tax Rates and their Effects on Tax Morale" with Michael Best, François Gerard, Joana Naritomi & Laura De Castro Zoratto

"Who Chooses to Sell to the Government? Screening and Barriers to Entry in Brazilian Public Procurement" with Michael Best, Joana Naritomi, Laura De Castro Zoratto & Alexandre de Oliveira

"Sign Here: Contracts and Intergovernmental Provision of Water and Sanitation" with Katheryne Ladouceur (Oberlin College '19)

"Climate Change and the Transmission of Infectious Diseases: Impacts & Adaptation" with Teevrat Garg & Jacob Hochard

“Improved Water Adoption and Infant Mortality in China” with Xing Xia

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