Peer-Reviewed Articles

1. "Externalities and Spillovers from Sanitation and Waste Management in Urban and Rural Neighborhoods" with Molly Lipscomb & Laura Schechter, Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy, Vol 42(3), 2020


2. "The Buck Stops Where? Federalism, Uncertainty, and Investment in the Brazilian Water and Sanitation Sector", American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, Vol 12(3), 2020

Paper; Online Appendix; Data and CodeFeatured as a research highlight at the American Economic Association

3. "Political Determinants of Investment in Water and Sanitation: Evidence from Brazilian Elections" with Rodrigo Schneider, Economics Letters, Vol 189, 2020

Paper; Data and Code

4. "(Not So) Gently Down The Stream: River Pollution and Health in Indonesia", with Teevrat Garg, Stuart Hamilton, Jacob Hochard & John Talbot, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Vol 92, 2018

Paper; Data and Code

5. "The Effects of Home-Based HIV Counseling and Testing on HIV/AIDS Stigma among Individuals and Community Leaders in Western Kenya: Evidence from a Cluster-Randomized Trial ", with Corinne Low, Cristian Pop-Eleches, Winnie Rono, Angeli Kirk, Samson Ndege, Markus Goldstein & Harsha Thirumurthy, AIDS Care, Vol 25, 2013

Paper; Published under name "Evan Plous"

6. "Production and use of biodegradable materials for incorporation in a non-toxic, eco-friendly battery", Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science, Vol 110, 2007

Paper; Published under name "Evan Plous"

Book Chapters and Technical Reports

1. "Who Chooses to Sell to the Government? Understanding the Determinants and Consequences of Participation in Brazilian Public Procurement", World Bank Technical Report No: AUS0001387, 2020

Report; Report summarizing findings of DIME project P156357

2. "Remote-Sensing Supports Economic Inference in Developing Countries", with Jacob Hochard, GEOValue: The Socioeconomic Value of Geospatial Information, Ch 13, 2017


Selected Working Papers & Works in Progress

"Greener On The Other Side: Inequity and Tax Collection", with Michael Best, François Gerard, Joana Naritomi & Laura De Castro Zoratto)

"Story of the Hurricane: Government, NGOs, and the Differences in Post-Disaster Relief Channels", with Ben Fitch-Fleischmann. Under review


"Pull Up a Chair: Municipal Council Size and Local Taxes in Brazil", with Rodrigo Schneider, Henrique Veras de Paiva Fonseca & Meredith Walker


"The Role of Intermediary Firms in Public Procurement" with Michael Best, Joana Naritomi & Laura De Castro Zoratto

"Improved Water Adoption and Infant Mortality in China", with Xing Xia

"The Role of Basic Sanitation Plans on Service Provision: Evidence from Brazil"

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