We envision a new community for all chaplains in The Episcopal Church that fosters recognition, connection, and growth
through advocacy, community, and education.


Amplify Episcopal chaplains' voices in:

  • the House of Bishops through an official Bishop Visitor who may advocate on their behalf,

  • chaplaincy certifying organizations through the official Ecclesiastical Endorser who may represent their interests,

  • the public through a newsletter and press releases that tells their stories.


Connect Episcopal chaplains to one another through:

  • weekly online prayer & fellowship, and

  • an annual in-person retreat.


Facilitate Episcopal chaplains' spiritual growth & professional development by offering online:

  • spiritual formation opportunities,

  • theological reflection series,

  • chaplaincy courses,

  • Clinical Pastoral Education, and

  • professional consultation groups.

How Can You Help Make this Vision a Reality?


You may join us for Noonday prayer or another event.

We would love to have you participate in this community!


You may make a financial contribution.

Please contact the Rev. David Fleenor for information.