Goddess of contagion

Hello all! Thank you for coming by to read my story. I was inspired by Professor Gibbs to do a story involving COVID. My story centers around a goddess of contagion who people are really praying too at this time. It is such a difficult time right now for many people and I felt like it was a great idea to include into my story. My main message in this is to inspire kindness, compassion, and strength. Everyone is fighting personal battles in this time and it could be a difficult time to navigate as well. If we all remember and treat each other with kindness then I am sure we can make big changes. I personally have struggled this year in so many ways but I learned to tether myself to the things in my life that are still so beautiful. In choosing to do so, I learned about bravery, I learned to be compassionate, I I learned self- improvement in my life and those around me. Most importantly, I felt like a little antidote of light in a time in my life that was one of the worst and darkest. This is why my story is centered on a nurse who struggles to see good at this time but the goddess of contagion helps her to see the brighter side. I hope everyone is doing well and thank you for coming by to read my story!