Day 1 - June 20, Monday

Individual arrival during the morning

13:00 Welcome Lunch

14:15 Welcome address
Pasqua D'Ambra (CNR, WP Leader)
Edouard Audit (CEA, Project Coordinator)
Emilio Campana (CNR, Head of the Engineering, ICT, Energy and Transport Dept.)
Roberto Natalini (CNR, Head of the Institute for Applied Computing)
Marco Aldinucci (Head of the CINI Lab. on HPC and Member of the RIA Committee of EuroHPC )

14:45 Overview of the project and agenda of the meeting
Edouard Audit and Julien Thélot (CEA)

15:00 WP2: Programming Models
Mathieu Lobet (CEA)

Improving the hardware-software-mapping on EoCoE-II applications
Thomas Gruber (FAU)

15:45 Break

16:15 WP3: Scalable Solvers
Pasqua D'Ambra (CNR)

Porting an aggregation-based algebraic multigrid method to GPUs
Abdeslam El Haman Abdeselam (ULB)

17:00 WP4: IO & Data flow
PDI improvements within EoCoE

Julien Bigot (CEA)

17:45 End of day 1

Free evening

Day 2 - June 21, Tuesday

9:00 WP5: Ensemble Runs
Kai Keller (BSC)

Demo : monitoring software for Melissa-DA & presentation of a virtual cluster
Bartłomiej Pogodziński

9:45 WP6: Dissemination and Networking
Massimo Celino (ENEA)

EERA: EoCoE's part in the Joint Program on Digitalization for Energy
Rafael Garcia Mayo (EERA / CIEMAT)

10:30 Break

11:00 Parallel sessions to prepare the project review


SC1:Materials for Energy
Francesco Buonocore (ENEA)

SC2: Wind for Energy
Herbert Owen (BSC)

Ani Anciaux Sedrakian (IFPEN)

15.30 SC3: Fusion for Energy
Yanick Sarazin (CEA)

16.00 Break

Parallel sessions to prepare the project review

17.30 End of Day 2

20:00 Social Dinner
Restaurant La Scialuppa (Address: Piazzetta Marinari, 5, Napoli)

Day 3 - June 22, Wednesday

9:00 SC4: Meteo for Energy
Garrett Good (Fraunhofer)

9:30 SC5: Water for Energy
Bibi S. Naz (FZJ)

10:00 Break

10:30 General review rehearsal and discussions

13:00 Lunch / end of meeting