Prof Marta Blangiardo

I have a chair in Biostatistics and I am the Biostatistics and Data Science theme leader for the MRC Centre for Environment and Health.

I have a PhD in applied statistics and work on different modelling aspects relevant to environmental exposures (air pollution, noise, climate) and health (mostly chronic but have recently started moving towards infectious diseases, particularly in low and middle income countries). I have been also working on ecology, specifically on mosquitos estimations and species distribution.

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Twitter: @martablangiardo

Dr Monica Pirani

I am an assistant professor in Biostatistics and I am an investigator in the MRC Centre for Environment and Health. My research is based upon the development of Bayesian statistical methods with primary application to environmental and health data.

Current methodological research focuses on spatial and spatio-temporal statistics, time-series analysis, methods for the integration of multi-scale sources of data and models for understanding the health consequences of exposure to (multiple) pollutants and changes in climate.

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Dr Areti Boulieri

I have a MRC Early Career Research Fellowship. My research interests include Bayesian hierarchical modelling, spatial and spatio-temporal statistics at the small area level and their applications to disease mapping and detection. My current work focuses on life expectancy surveillance, and the joint modelling of multiple health outcomes using non-parametric Bayesian approaches.

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Dr Garyfallos Konstantinoudis

I have a MRC skills development fellowship. I am developing a framework of analysis using Bayesian spatiotemporal models for risk assessment and quantification of associated economic costs. I am using these models to estimate the current and future burden of temperature-related respiratory health in the UK. I am also building shiny apps and softwares to communicate results to stakeholders and public health experts. This is an interdisciplinary project with several national and international collaborations including Prof Baio and Dr Mineli (co-supervisors) and also with Dr Gasparrini, Prof Schuhmacher, Dr Bhatt, Dr Ballester and Dr Vicedo-Cabrera.

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Twitter: @konstantinoudis

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Dr Brandon Parkes

I am a research associate in statistics for environmental epidemiology. I am currently working on several small area disease mapping projects using Bayesian smoothing and evaluating cluster detection methods with a view to implementation on a retrospective cancer surveillance study using English cancer registry data. I am also developing the Rapid Inquiry Facility software , a tool for exploratory disease mapping and risk analysis.

Dr Tullia Padellini

I am a Research Associate in Statistics for Spatial Epidemiology. My research activity revolves around developing tools for modeling and visualizing complex dependencies, such a spatial and spatio-temporal structures. Currently, I am working on incorporating spatial uncertainty in Bayesian hierarchical models of small area data.

Twitter: @t_padellini

Personal webpage:

Ms Chiara Forlani

I am a last year PhD student in Epidemiology and Biostatistics.

My research interests focus on Bayesian spatio-temporal geostatistical modelling, in particular for environmental applications.

I am currently working on joint Bayesian space-time models to integrate spatially misaligned air pollution data in R-INLA.

Mr Michael Redman

I am a second year PhD student with a MRC funded studentship. My PhD is related to the development of a Bayesian modelling framework for fitting a non linear spatial varying relationship between temperature and health outcomes.

Mr Man Ho Suen

I am a research assistant at the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics after gaining an MSc in Statistics at the University of St Andrews. I am currently working on a Wellcome Trust funded project on spatio-temporal dynamics of arboviral diseases in Brazil in a changing climate.

Twitter: @enochsuen

Honorary members

Dr Guowen Huang - postdoctoral fellow in Statistics at Toronto University. See his webpage at

Dr Silvia Liverani - Senior Lecturer in Statistics in the School of Mathematical Sciences at Queen Mary University of London. Her research focuses on Bayesian clustering methods and spatial modelling and is the maintainer for the R package PReMiuM for Dirichlet process mixture modelling. See her institutional webpage here.