Google Entity Stacking

Google Authority Stack is useful in engine optimization

How Can We Use Google Properties?

Google properties are a powerful way to improve your page ranking. By obtaining backlinks from other Google properties, you can increase your ranking and improve your website's visibility. These sites are high-authority in Google's algorithm, so the backlinks will be of good quality and will eventually boost your page ranking.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to use Google stacking and Google properties to improve your SEO strategy and obtain better rankings for your website!

Just what is google authority stacking, anyway?

Google authority stacking is a way to help increase your website's ranking. You can do this by adding your website to other websites that are trusted by Google. This will help your website show up higher in search results.

Domain authority and entity authority are the most important factors

Google uses entities to understand the meaning of unstructured data. By comparing how many times a specific entity is quoted on a website, it can establish its relevance to a given keyword. Furthermore, it can use its connection with other entities to create a context. It can also be compared to the relevance of the two entities, thereby forming a relationship between them.

Domain authority and entity authority are the most important factors in getting better organic ranking for your company. Your web pages need to have high-quality content as well a lot of backlinks from authoritative domains or entities if you want them appearing on page one when people do searches online!

What's the difference between google stacking and domain authority stacking?

Domain authority stacking is when you put many websites with domain authority together to make your website rank higher on google. Google Authority Stacking is a collection of google apps centered around Google Public Drive, that contains relevant information. Domain Authority Stack is collection of highly authoritative websites like Google Sites, expired domains, Tumblr, EDU and GOV links etc.The stack is made public so it takes advantage of the google properties and their ranking abilities. Each Google property helps backlink building.

Building a branded stack of Google assets will help build authority

Building a brand's Google assets, such as its website, and social media accounts, and filling them with relevant, high-quality content will help that brand build authority and equity online. Additionally, linking these different assets together will amplify their effects.

What is local stack and how can help your business?

Local DAstack is Google asset stack that contains local information like Google Map. It is essential for local SEO as it boosts local organic rankings! It contans local CTA (Call to Action) and local business information like:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Phone

  • Location (latitude and longitute)

Why is Google Stacking perfect for SEO Service?

Google stacking is perfect strategy for Agencies providing SEO Service due to high trust of Google Public Drive, Google Maps, Google Sites and other Google properties. Google Stacking is perfect SEO strategy for reputation management.

A Google Stack may be delivered on Google Public Drive as a white label service. It is easy to transfer public Google Drive from one to another Google account. We use phone verified Gmail accounts from EU.

Google Public Drive with Google Sheet and Google Doc

Why Google Public Drive is perfect SEO Strategy for 2022?

In order to provide maximum SEO benefits, our Drive Stacks have semanticly optimized articles that contain relevant Google entities and topics.

Google stacking helps local seo and improve local organic ranking

How do you get your location coordinates on Google Map?

Finding location of your business is really easy. You need to:

  1. Click your business (click your pin)

  2. Left clicking your mouse will reveal exact coordinates of your business

Generating quality content

In order to power up Google Entity Stack, we need articles with around 1500. While Article Forge is not going to get Nobel award for literacy, it is surprisingly readable. It produces 750 words long articles. By combining two, we can get pretty decent article.

We need separate article for each keyword. If keywords are closely related, we can use one article and spin it with
WordAI. It actually improves quality. As alternative we can use separate articles. As WordAI is fully integrated with Article Forge, spinning its really easy b.

What is a Google Drive Stack?

Google Drive Stack is effective White Hat SEO technique that stack together various Google properties on public Google Drive. As Google Drive, Google Site and Google Cloud have huge authority, such backlinks provide maximum power. Google stacking is considered White Hat technique and therefore safe.

High powered Google Drive Stack consist of:

  • relevant articles

  • Google Doc

  • Google Sheet

  • Google Slide

  • Microfsoft documents

  • pdf documents

  • Google Map

  • link to Google My Business

  • etc.

In order to prepare Google Stack, you need to provide;

  • main keyword and up to 4 additional KWs

  • URL of your money website

  • main competitor URL, so that we are able to perform Google entity analyzis and determine relevant topics

  • NAP detailes of your Google My Business

  • Call to action form that you wish to embeed

  • video

  • type of stack

Google drive provides perfect platform for entity stack

Complex Google Stack

Public Google Drive folder contains relevant list of Google products:

  • Google Docs Articles

  • Google Spreadsheets

  • Microsoft Documents

  • PDFs

  • Photos

  • Google Slides

  • Google Calendar

  • etc.

Google spreadsheet provides high authoritative backlinks

Google Sheet with indexable links

Google spreadsheet contains list of indexable links. We can index these links by either sending them through indexer or by creating backlinks.

Discover power of complex mesh of 11 Cloud Websites for total local domination!

You will get a complex Google Drive Stack made just for you!

How to Boost Google Stacks with Entity Analysis?

Google is shifting from keywords toward Entities! Just like Entities are essential for ranking your money website, they are also essential for Google entity stack. We gain relevance by incorporating relevant entites in Google stacking. Google Drive stack will become more relevant, and indexable.

Entity Analysis

Before we use an article for the Google Drive stack, we should analyze its entities. By incorporating relevant entites we can significantly increase power of the stack. Tools like InLinks give crucial information.

Semantic Content Optimization

Semantic SEO is about understanding the topic of a page and the relationships between different pages on your site. It's about satisfying the needs of your visitors by providing relevant content that unambiguously answers their questions.

This can be difficult to do, but it is what you need to do to rank well in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Discovering relevant entities is much more important than keyword research.

Why MarketMuse give competitive advantage?

Using keyword tools for semantic SEO is like bringing a beetle to race at Nascar. I should know. I used to be in that position. In this post, we look at two approaches to the SEO strategy of creating high-quality content.

MarketMuse uses its own patented systems and methods to analyze the meaning of keywords. This includes extracting phrases, looking at graphs, and understanding natural language. The patent is long, but I'll try to summarize it in a way that is easy to understand.

The topic tool provides you with a list of related topics for organic search, based on a focus keyword or keywords. MarketMuse crawls the web for all the content concerning your topic, including content that is not at the top of Google search results. It analyse huge amount of content - tens of thousands of pieces of content.

MarketMuse use special algorithms to extract key phrases from the acquired content.

Than use algorithms to identify a set of topics that are related to the given keywords. Then uses natural language processing algorithms to determine how important each topic is. This information is used to create a knowledge graph of related topics.

The topics in the graph are ranked by importance, based on the data MarketMuse has collected.

The best Google Authority Stacks are:

  • Complex with lots of different Google properties

  • Cover relevant entites (and are seen relevant by Google)

  • Have optimized content

  • Are public and indexable

Using best of breed tools like:

  • Article Forge

  • Jasper (formerly known as Jarvis)

  • WordAI

  • InLinks

  • MarketMuse

it is easy to produce best entity stacks.

Google Stacking on Cloud Computing

Types of Google Stacks

Types of Google Stacks

  • local stack for local SEO services with appropriate local modifiers for the specific GEO location

  • Google My Business stack

  • Google Entity Stack published on Google Site

  • Google Public Drive stack on Google Cloud Server

  • Drive Stack on Microsoft Azure

  • Drive Stack on IBM Storage

  • Drive Stack on GitHub

  • Drive Stack on Amazon Web Services

  • Drive Stack on Alibaba Cloud

  • Drive Stack on other Cloud Computing like pCloud

Quality matters. It is no surprise that Google stacks that are build on public folders, have relevant and optimized content can be indexed with ease.

The Role of Google Site or Google Cloud Platform

In general Google Authority Stacks should be published on either:

  • Google Cloud Computing,

  • Microsoft Azure

  • IBM Storage

  • BackBlaze

  • Amazon Web Services

  • or Google Site.

These Cloud properties serves as intermediary buffer and we can always cut them off from money site. They themselves are high authoritative sites and increase power of the stack. Such backlink building service is considered white hat technique and should be safe for your SEO service.

This effective combination should be part of any search engine optimization strategy!

Google Stacks, published on cloud computing platform can embed link to you Google My Business page and/or link to you Call-to-Action form (CTA).

Google Docs and Google Stack on Google Public Drive

4G Residential Phone verified Google Accounts

We deliver our Google Drive Stacks on our own Google Accounts that are phone verified and produced using 4g residential proxies in EU.

In order to guarantee quality, we produce our own PVA
Gmail Accounts.