Ph.D. in Computer Science (UNED)   assistant professor at the Departamento de Lenguajes y Sistemas Informaticos de la UNED. Member of the UNED group in Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval

Short bio

I'm currently Tenured Professor at the  Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED), Spain, and member of the Research Group in natural language processing and information retrieval. My interests so far have focused on two lines of research. Firstly, the axiomatisation of evaluation metrics on the basis of measurement theory, making contributions in classification, ranking, diversity, clustering, automatic summarisation, etc. Secondly, the extension of information theory over continuous spaces, making contributions in document representation, similarity metrics, unsupervised fusion of rankings and distributional compositional models.

Main Contributions

(I) Evaluation metrics: 

My studies on evaluation metrics for multiple IA tasks are grounded on axiomatic methodologies and measurement theory. The most relevant contributions in this line are:

(II) Observational Information Theory

In this research line, we have defined a generalization of the Shannon's information content for continuous feature values called Observational Information Quantity (OIQ). The following papers describes its implications in document representation, heterogeneous feature aggregation,  similarity axiomatics, ranking effectiveness and ranking fusion. 

(III) Axiom-Based Distributional Text Representation and Composition

I have combined my research career with  musical projects. I began with the wave of singer-songwriters in Madrid in the 90's, playing in venues such as Libertad 8 or Galileo. Since then, I have shaped his songs with multiple projects. In the late 90's "La Casa del Conde", a Spanish/Brazilian fusion band with Ronny Vasques and Claudio H. In the 2000's he leads Esfumato, a musical-performance project accompanied by toys and shadow montages with Carlos Manzanares and Julio Gonzalo among others. In the last decade he has launched other projects such as Rap-Madera (organic rap trio on exclusively wooden instruments), with Dani Aguilera (Murcia) and Jorgito Kamankola (Cuba) or the violin and guitar duo with Violeta Veinte. In 2018 I founded  the project TREVITHICK, with Viti Fresno on bass, Julio Gonzalo on sax, and Gabriel Vidanauta on drums. Organic band sound with Spanish guitar, leaving space for jazz, progressive elements and the lyrics themselves. 

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