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University of Brescia, Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione (DII).

Ufficio 36, Via Branze 38

Tel: +390303715449



  • February 2021 - 3 papers accepted at ICAPS-21 !!! (AGAIN!)

  • October 2020 - Invited Lecture at the ICAPS-20 Summer School on Numeric Planning See it here! (Joint presentation with Alfonso Gerevini)

  • August 2020 - Journal paper on Subgoaling Heuristics for Numeric Planning accepted on JAIR

  • March 2020 - Journal paper on CPCES with Alban Grastien accepted in Artificial Intelligence Journal!

  • January 2020 - 3 papers accepted at ICAPS-20 !!!

  • September 2019 - 2 papers accepted at AAAI-20 !!

  • July 2019 - Moved to UniversitĂ  di Brescia for a Lecturing Position (RTD-A)

  • Februrary 2019 - AAAI-19, Talk about Planning with Metric Trajectory Constraints

About Me, Research-wise

My main research area is in the field of Artificial Intelligence and, more precisely, automated planning and scheduling. Automated planning is the AI, model-based approach to the problem of deciding what to do in order to achieve some objective. Scheduling complements planning by studying when exactly actions need to be taken according to given temporal constraints such as deadlines. Automated planning is the building block of any autonomous agent, and can be used either alone or in a reinforcement learning approach.

Among the many models and languages of planning that one can find in the literature, I am mainly interested i) in models where one can explicitly express non-determinism, partial observability and timed actions and ii) in languages grounded on first order logic involving both numeric and propositional constructs. My main contributions are on planning under non-determinism via online planning, plan execution, repair, replanning, plan adaptation (AICOM-14, ECAI-14, ICAPS-14, IJCAI-15) or via conformant planning (IJCAI-17, ICAPS-18, AAAI-20, AIJ-20); and under deterministic assumptions but with powerful numeric representations through heuristic search, compilation to other theories such as Satisfiability Modulo Theory (SOCS-15, IJCAI-15, IJCAI-16, ICAPS-16, ECAI-16, IJCAI-17, IJCAI-18, AAAI-19, ICAPS-20, JAIR-20). (See research section for more information.) I am also the maintainer of the ENHSP planning system, and SPRINGROLL, two PDDL planners used by the AI planning community; they focus on numeric reasoning in planning problems.

I am an active member of the AI community. Since 2014, I have been serving as a Program Committee, reviewer, and session chair for top-ranked AI conferences (e.g., IJCAI, ICAPS, AAAI, ECAI) and AI Journals (e.g., JETAI, JAR).

I have been lecturing, tutoring and coordinating the labs for the Artificial Intelligence course whilst I was at the Australian National University.

I was involved in a number of research oriented projects for space exploration (STEPS - Sistemi e Tecnologie per l'EsPlorazione Spaziale, a three years research project leaded by Thales Alenia Space), UAVs control (SMAT-F2, a project leaded by Selex) and on a ARC Project for the development of innovative techniques for Robust Hybrid Planning. I was involved in a project at FBK in the context of Industry 4.0 about using planning and scheduling for controlling interacting hoists in a galvanic plant.