I am a post-doc at the University of Lausanne (UNIL). I completed my PhD at University of Essex in 2021 and I was a visiting PhD at UC Berkeley.

My research interests are in the field of i) public economics; ii) labor economics; iii) economic history; iv) microeconometrics. In particular, I study behavioral responses to tax policy and the effect of public policies on inequality, intergenerational mobility and educational achievement.

E-mail: enrico.rubolino@unil.ch

Curriculum Vitae

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Working papers:

1. Taxing the Gender Gap: Labor Market Effects of a Payroll Tax Cut for Women in Italy

Awarded with the Early Career Research Award by the W.E. Upjohn Institute.CESifo Working Paper No. 9671; VistINPS Working Paper 2022/47; UNIL Working Paper No. 2022/01SlidesMedia & policy coverage: Il Foglio; Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance Report on Gender Inequalities ("Bilancio di Genere 2022"), p. 52-55; inGenere; Lavoce

2. Tax-Induced Transfer of Residence: Evidence from Tax Decentralization in Italy

Reject and resubmit at American Economic Journal: Applied EconomicsAwarded with the SIEP (Italian Society of Public Economics) Prize. SlidesMedia coverage: Local Opportunities Lab

3. [revised] Austerity Harmed Student Achievement (with Caterina Pavese)

Reject and resubmit at The Economic JournalUNIL Working Paper No. 2022/09Media coverage: Lavoce; RAI 3 radio interview (from 01:35:00)

4. Does Informality Deter Tax Progressivity?

UNIL Working Paper No. 2022/07Slides

5. What Determines the Capital Share Over the Long-Run of History? (with Erik Bengtsson and Daniel Waldenström) [new version coming soon]

IZA DP No. 13199; WID.World Working Paper.

Selected works in progress:

For (Un)Love or (of) Taxes? The Impact of the 1927 Bachelor Tax on Marriage Market

Taxing Cross-Border Commuters (with Emanuele Di Carlo and Sergio Galletta)

The Gender Wage Gap and Pro-Female Labor Market Policies: Evidence from Italian Administrative Data (with Sonia Bhalotra and Roland Rathelot) [Awarded with the 2022 VisitINPS Fellowship]

Taxing Big Firms' Extra Profits: Evidence from the Robin Hood Tax (with Luisa Loiacono, Leonzio Rizzo, and Riccardo Secomandi)

The Cost of Gender Identity Norms (with Tommaso Giommoni)

Publications (based on pre-PhD works):

1. "Knocking on Parents' Doors: Regulation and Intergenerational Mobility" The Journal of Human Resources, 57(2): 525-554, March 2022 (with Sauro Mocetti and Giacomo Roma).

Media coverage: VoxEU; eticaeconomia; JHR research highlight

2. "Tax Progressivity and Top Incomes: Evidence from Tax Reforms" The Journal of Economic Inequality 18(3): 261-289, 2020 (with Daniel Waldenström). Online Appendix. Replication files

Media coverage: VoxEU; SBS radio interview; NBC News.

3. "Trends and Gradients in Top Tax Elasticities: Cross-Country Evidence, 1900-2014" International Tax and Public Finance 26(3): 457–485, 2019 (with Daniel Waldenström). Online Appendix. Replication files.

Media coverage: VoxEU.