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NEW WEB SITE. I have moved my web site to the new google sites; find it here:

NEW WORKING PAPER  with Mats Olsson: "Peasant Aristocrats? Wealth and Social Status of Swedish Peasant Farmer Parliamentarians, 1769-1895", read here. (June 2018)

NEW PAPER. Paper with Anna Missiaia, Mats Olsson and Patrick Svensson "Aristocratic wealth and inequality in a changing society: Sweden, 1750-1900" published online in Scandinavian Journal of History (June 2018).

NEW GRANT. Jakob Molinder, Svante Prado and I have been awarded 1.7 million SEK from Handelsbankens forskningsstiftelser for our research project The Swedish transition to equality: income inequality with new micro data, 1862–1970. The project, for which I am the lead investigator, will be carried out January 2019-December 2021. Read a summary of the project aims here. (May 2018)

NEW DRAFT. I have a new draft paper on the origins of the Swedish wage bargaining model; read here. All comments very welcome! (May 2018)

Hello, welcome to my web site.
My name is Erik Bengtsson. I am an associate senior lecturer in Economic History at
Lund University. (work website) I am also affiliated with the Economic History Unit at University of Gothenburg, where I have a project on macroeconomic history and am involved in a Swedish-Brazilian teaching project.

I do research on wealth distribution, Swedish political economy ca 1750-1920, industrial productivity, wage bargaining institutions, and income distribution in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. I would define my research focus as a mix of macroeconomic history and comparative political economy. If you want to know more about how I think about economic history, you can read my review of Boldizzoni's The Poverty of Clio here (pdf, pp. 57-58). In short, I share some of Boldizzoni's skepticism towards the explanatory power of neoclassical economic models in the context of economic history, but I don't agree on his in my opinion too categorical criticism of the use of quantitative methods.

From 2017 to 2019 my main research focus is on the role of "inclusive instituions" in Swedish economic development c. 1750-1950, with a focus on farmer politicians and farmer politics. This research, with professor Mats Olsson, is financed by a grant from Riksbankens Jubileumsfond.

I am working on a book manuscript in Swedish on economic inequality in Sweden since 1750. For a summary of the argument see this paper. The paper is forthcoming in Past & Present.

This website presents my current research and teaching and there is a publication list with links to what I've written. I also have a family history page where I try to combine my family history with economic history perspectives.

My contact information is at my job website.

My cv is here

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Outside of work I enjoy football (especially IS Halmia, but also Tottenham Hotspur, FC Schalke 04, and just in general), music, literature, etc.