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Hello! My name is curry mitchell. You can call me Mr. mitchell or Professor mitchell, but I prefer just ‘curry.’ My pronouns are he, him, his, and I choose to not capitalize my name: the lowercase letters seem to fit better. I don’t mind if you capitalize my name though.

I was once a MCC student too. I married young when I was 19 and worked in construction for several years before I decided to go to school. My wife and I had all three of our children by the time I graduated with a masters degree. A few years later, my wife graduated with her bachelors and teaching credential.

I don’t know your story yet, but I know the challenges presented by course work taken on in addition to family and professional responsibilities. I know you will have to work hard, not only in my class but in all your classes here, in order to be successful. This is why I will work hard also, to plan, organize, and rethink this ENGL 100 course so its focus is on your success in the goals you've set this semester.

A few things to know about me: I design assignments with clear instructions, but I don’t always follow ‘typical’ rules. I'm highly organized, but I always mess up my classrooms (and I've sort of broken Canvas). I stopped using textbooks a long time ago; I’m way too punk rock to follow someone else’s steps and assignments. ;-)

If you are planning to enroll in my class, please know that my ultimate goal is to empower you with a clear sense of belonging within a community of writers where your agency as a maker of meaning takes center stage. I can’t wait.

This class is about ideas: discovering and generating ideas, organizing and supporting ideas, and finally clarifying and polishing ideas. In addition to instructional lectures and workshops, we will engage a variety of assigned reading and writing tasks to foster rich and rewarding encounters with ideas. The focus of the assignments will vary from week to week, but we will stick to a predictable schedule with assignments due on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays and 3 mandatory synchronous meetings scheduled throughout the semester. Expect the time required to complete assignments to total 18 – 22 hours per week. Read more...

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A general description of the sort of papers curry expects

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A description of the book we'll be reading by the author, Steven Johnson

Prepare Yourself for Online Learning

Explore these Learning Modules, created by the California State Online Education Initiative, which offer an opportunity to reflect on your experience, skills, and abilities as an online student while also offering some generally cool tips and tricks.

If you are enrolled in the class, you will eventually be asked to complete and respond to these learning modules in an assignment due during Week 1. If you would like to get ahead on that assignment, explore the first 6 tutorials and take notes as you work.

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There are several Student Support Services available at MiraCosta as well as a few cool resources built into our Canvas website designed to support you in a variety of ways throughout the semester.

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  • This course and most activities are best accessed using a computer with a keyboard. The course can be accessed with a mobile device, but relying on a small screen and working without a keyboard will likely cause activities to become more challenging than intended.
  • Purchase a microphone for end of the semester projects.
  • Purchasing a webcam is encouraged but optional


  • Please download and use the latest version of Firefox or Chrome to interact with this course. These browsers are preferred.
  • Clear your browser's cache regularly if content, including assignments, do not load correctly.



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If you are on the waitlist, you will not have access to our Canvas course. I will email you soon if a seat opens. I will also let you know when enrollment has closed. If you would like to look for other, open ENGL 100 courses, please use the Class Search tool in SURF.