Introduction to Robotronics Robotics and Electronics

by Profesor Richart


Lesson 1: Getting Started With Robotics Electronics Welcome to the wild world of Robotics electronics. Learn about what you need to begin. Robotronics.

Lesson 2: Soldering This is a crash course in the fundamentals of Robotics soldering.

Lesson 3: Robotronics and Electricity Discover all about electricity while learning the fundamentals knowledge for building Robotics circuits.

Lesson 4: Robotics Switches Here is everything you ever wanted to know about Robotics switches and more.

Lesson 5: Robotics and Resistors In this lesson we will decipher resistors, learn how they work, and begin to understand what to do with them when building core robotics systems.

Lesson 6: Robotics and Capacitors This is an introduction to our friend the capacitor, one of the most commonly encountered Robotic electronic components.

Lesson 7: Robotics and Inductors Brace yourself as we begin to unravel the mysterious world of Robotic inductors.

Lesson 8: Robotics and Diodes In this lesson we will learn about both diodes and LEDs and how to create robotic lighting systems.

Lesson 9: Robotics and Transistors Here you will find an overview of transistors, and learn why they are the basic building block of all modern Robotic computing systems.

Lesson 10: Robotics and Integrated Circuits Chips are not just a party snack. Discover what integrated circuits have to offer for all Robotics platforms.