Ending Violence Without Violence

Nourishing and sustaining communities that can prevent sexual violence, respond to harm, and heal trauma.

About Ending Violence Without Violence

"Ending Violence Without Violence" was originally conceived by the New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault, Seven Dancers Coalition, and Interrupting Criminalization: Research in Action Project to be a statewide conference focusing on sexual violence prevention, intervention, and response. This conference was intended to provide a space for survivors, advocates, counselors, victim assistance programs, allied organizations, and community members across New York State and Haudenosaunee Country to develop the knowledge, skills, and courage to implement community-centered practices to prevent and respond to harm and sexual violence. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the in-person conference was cancelled.

We adapted and decided to offer a virtual training series of the same name, "Ending Violence Without Violence" from September 2020 through September 2021. The series introduced participants to the core principles of Restorative Justice, Transformative Justice, Community Accountability, and other community-centered approaches to violence prevention and response.

Participants developed a shared analysis of interpersonal violence—specifically sexual violence—and a shared understanding of the importance of community-based approaches to sexual violence prevention and intervention. The webinar series underscored the importance of building communities that can prevent sexual violence, respond to harm, and heal trauma.

Event Recordings and Resources

Click here to access recordings and resources from Ending Violence Without Violence events.