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When to Replace Cracked Windshield

A crack in the windshield will always be more than an annoyance. It is a safety hazard and an inconvenience for vehicle owners. But how can a car owner know if the crack in the windshield can still be repaired, or needs to be replaced.

Glass manufacturer Glass.com explains that there are three factors that will matter when it comes to determining if a windshield crack is beyond repair. According to their write-up, only a professional and certified glass technician can effectively assess the matter.

“Keep in mind, this only applies to windshields, which are made of laminated glass. Most side windows and back glass need to be replaced because they are made with tempered glass which cannot be repaired. Whether or not your windshield can be repaired depends on three main factors: size, depth, and location. Larger, deeper cracks in the glass that extend to the edges of your windshield are much more likely to need replacement than small shallow chips away from the edges of your windshield. When in doubt, opt for replacement.”

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When to Replace

Auto Guides also came up with an explanation on how to determine whether the crack is already irreparable. In the online guide that it published, it mentioned the reasons why a crack can no longer be repaired.

“For example, if the damage extends from the exterior pane of glass and penetrates the interior, it’s too deep to be repaired. Chips on corners or tight spots are often too difficult to repair too, so count those out. If a chip or crack has spread after the initial damage, that’s a clear sign the glass needs to be replaced. Also take into consideration things like temperature sensors, radio antennaes and other high-tech goodies that can be embedded into your windshield that can affect whether the glass can be repaired and increase the cost of a replacement.”

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Chip or Cracked Windshield

Third party Service ratings website Angie’s List meanwhile mentioned the importance of immediately repairing or replacing a cracked windshield. In one of its blog posts, it explained that the immediate repair is crucial when it comes to ensuring the safety of the driver and his passengers.

“Experts say driving with a damaged windshield risks your life and the lives of drivers around you because you are more susceptible to get into an accident. A damaged windshield — or one that hasn’t been properly set and glued into place — can pop out during a collision. The windshield also provides structural support for the car, meaning an improperly installed windshield could even cause the roof to collapse.”

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Immediately repairing or replacing a windshield is important in ensuring the safety of everyone in the car.

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