Are you tired of feeling sick all the time despite taking supplements and medications?

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These physical symptoms could stem from years of chronic stress buried in our bodies, manifesting as the health problems we experience today. Perhaps you have been identified as having a chronic illness, and don’t think you will ever feel better.

There is good news!

You can release this buried stress and heal your body.

What is your body trying to tell you?

We women work hard to make a living, raise kids, and nurture others, leaving ourselves on the back burner. Until that pain in the neck (no, not your husband or your significant other, but the one in your actual neck) turns into other body pains. You may also seem more tired lately, and may think, “This is just part of ‘getting older,’” or that you have no choice in the matter. This is actually a sign from your body to stop and take care of yourself.

With the current world situation, it is more important than ever to strengthen and balance your immune system.

And it’s actually easier than you think.

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Energy work heals…

Body ✓

Mind ✓

Spirit ✓

100% Privacy Guaranteed

What You'll Learn in This Course

Strengthen Your Immune System

Energy work heals at a cellular level. It allows your body to be in a state of relaxation and healing. You are able to release the old junk that keeps your immune system in overdrive.

Create Health & Wellness in Your Life

It is possible for you to manifest good health. We are going to show you how to do this in less time than it takes to do a load of laundry.

Experience Next-Level Healing

What's better than one energy healer? Two! In this mini-course we will be performing energy work tailored to you. You get the healing from two powerful healers.

This Course is For You IF...

  • You are a woman that has experienced chronic pain, inflammation, or exhaustion

  • You are open to the possibilities of alternative healing methods

  • You are curious about reiki, chakra work and energy healing techniques

  • You want to be able to heal yourself

Empower the Healer Within

A LIVE 4-Week Master-Led Course to Heal Your Body With Divine Energy


  • Four (4) 90-Minute LIVE Sessions with Two Reiki Master Teachers ($4000 Value)

  • Crystal Healing Guidebook ($100 Value)

  • Chakra Self-Diagnostic Checklist ($100 Value)

  • Step-by-Step Healing Action Guide ($50 Value)

And these Bonuses...

  • 2 - Recorded Meditations ($100 Value)

  • Akashic Records Access Session ($200 Value)

  • Guided Imagery Planning Session ($500 Value)



We Start October 19th!

Seating is limited to ONLY 7 spots.

So that we may create a private and intimate healing environment for you.

Two payment options available.

Pay In Full ($297)

100% Privacy Guaranteed

Pay $150 now...

Then, make your second payment of $150 next month.
100% Privacy Guaranteed

Here's What We Will Be Covering.

  • Week 1: Healing and Balancing Chakras

  • Week 2: Crystal Healing Therapy

  • Week 3: Reiki Healing Circle

  • Week 4: Mapping out your self-healing plan

All of these methods can be used for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. You will be amazed at all the miracles you can create for yourself!

About Your Teachers

Laure Forsberg

is a certified Holy Fire Reiki Master, Intuitive Coach and owner of Desert Mariposa Reiki. She has extensive experience in a wide variety of healing modalities, including chakra diagnostics and healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Akashic Records, and crystal healing. Her journey into healing work began as a way to help herself with her own chronic illness of Lyme disease. She retired from her role as an educator and administrator in the public school system to focus on her own healing, and to help others do the same. She uses her formal teaching skills in Reiki classes and other courses, as a way of empowering others to help themselves in their lives through the healing process. Her focus is always on helping people create a life aligned to their highest and best self and to experience miracles in their daily lives.When she is not leading healing circles, doing healing sessions or teaching, Laure enjoys spending time with her family and in nature. You can learn more about her work here:

Sarah Perez

is a Holy Fire Reiki Master-Teacher and Crystal Healer with a quirky sense of humor. She loves helping budding female entrepreneurs, that also work 9-5, release their anxiety and build up their inner power so they can serve others without resentment or guilt.As a former corporate engineer with a health coaching business, and a family to take care of, Sarah is no stranger to overwhelm. She knew the stress-reducing techniques, but never made time to DO them. This led to burnout and a chronic illness. Reiki has transformed her life, and she is on a mission to help women cultivate the courage and freedom to have a meaningful business that brings them joy and abundance.When Sarah is not leading workshops or working with clients, she loves playing piano, learning foreign languages, and having dance parties with her kids. You can find out more about her work at

What People Say About Working With Us

"I was in very poor health when I went to see Laure for healing sessions. I was unable to function in my everyday life due to a recent diagnosis of Lyme Disease, Bartonella, mold toxicity and parasites, and It was impossible for me to get out of bed at times. Her distant reiki sessions were so powerful, that I not only was able to get out of bed, but I was able to perform my duties at work and have energy at home to care for my young daughter. Reiki with Laure has been a life saver, and I am so thankful for her!”

~Susie S.

"If it wasn't for Sarah [and the healing sessions] I would have not been able to work through the issues holding me back. Since our time together my life has been absolutely stellar!"

~A.J.F. (Calgary, Canda)

Why Are We Doing This Now? And Why at This Price?

It feels difficult enough to manage symptoms of chronic illness, exhaustion, or pain on any regular day. Around the corner is flu season with the addition of coronavirus. That is enough to make us want to hide under a rock. This type of stress can make us feel out of control. That is why we are doing this now.

We know from personal experience how taking ownership of your own healing can create a feeling of certainty in the chaos of the world. It is important now, more than ever, to create calm within. We don’t freak out because we have tools.

We are committed to our healing as well as others. Experiencing this level of healing, with the powerful shifts and insights it brings, can create miracles in your life. Making the price accessible is our way of saying thanks for allowing us to carry out our mission of healing women in a truly holistic way.

Disclaimer: We are Reiki Master-teachers and not doctors. We do not diagnose, treat or cure any disease or symptom. Our clients and students are given the tools to make their own empowered decisions, including talking to and consulting with their doctor(s), which we recommend. We do these things ourselves. Energy work feels different for everyone, and we ask that you release expectations and have an open mind.