Instructions - Core game

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Advanced game

This is an advanced more competitive version of the game that will require additional markers (poker chips, coins) to play beyond what is in the beta edition package.

PDF instructions


I typically use this with third year medical students on pediatric clerkship rotation.

  • One or more players.
  • Review the AAP otitis media guidelines. Provide these as pre-reading if you are using this for teaching. Focus on pages e976-e983 and tables 4 and 5.
  • Pull out infection cards p18-23 as well as antibiotics Amox(2), Amox/Clav(3), Observation (1), Cefdinir (1), Ceftriaxone (1).
  • One or more players match the antibiotics to the infections. There is more than one solution and two antibiotic cards will remain.
    • If more than one player start with the player earliest in training making the matches. Allow each player in increasing training adjust the answers and explain their thinking.
  • Review online content associated with each infection card in order 18-23.