Schoology Resource Bank

Assessment Tool

For a Schoology-made guide to the Assessments tool (including creating an assessment, setting up questions, grading, and reporting), click here. For the full Schoology video library, click here. To access a chronological learning tool for assessments, go to the July 9 PL.

Student View

This is an annotated explanation of what students see and can do as they take an assessment.

Schoology Assessment Student View (July 9 PL 2)

Grading and Reporting

This is a visual from the teacher's view. Please note that the graph on Slide 2 will be updated after the July 9 department meeting.

Schoology Assessment Grading (July 9 PL 3)

Setting up an Assessment

This resource includes a tutorial on how to complete an initial assessment setup, plus visuals and video tutorials for each question type.

Create an Assessment on Schoology (July 9 PL 4)