1st ACM Workshop on Emerging Topics in Wireless

Rome, Italy December 9, 2022Co-located with ACM CoNEXT 2022
EmergingWireless 2022 - Welcome!

Conventional wireless technologies such as LTE/5G and WiFi on sub-6GHz frequency bands have been at the core of the wireless communication and networking revolution for various applications. However, these conventional wireless technologies are insufficient to meet the high throughput, latency, and reliability of emerging vertical services such as autonomous vehicles, metaverse, and holographic communications. These emerging novel services not only exchange data but also critically rely on accurate information about the surrounding environment for their operation. Moving to mmWave/THz frequencies and beyond, integrating communication and sensing, embedding artificial intelligence into wireless networks, etc., are essential for future wireless networks. The EmergingWireless workshop aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from different communities to explore emerging wireless technologies and debate and discuss priorities and challenges in the research agenda.

The EmergingWireless workshop will consist of two keynotes and the presentations of papers. The papers can be of a technical nature, presenting preliminary technical results, or position papers that present a thought-provoking view regarding methods or applications for emerging wireless technologies.

NewsWorkshop Chairs
    • Qing Wang (TU Delft)

    • Arash Asadi (TU Darmstadt)

Steering Committee
    • Sofie Pollin (KU Leuven)

    • Joerg Widmer (IMDEA Networks Institute)

Important Dates

Paper submissions September 9, 2022 September 30, 2022 (Firm; Extended deadline)

Notification October 1, 2022 October 15, 2022 October 17, 2022 (Extended)

Camera-ready October 25, 2022


Sapienza University of Rome

Rome, Italy

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