Selected Illustration work.

Including work for commercial use, private clients, & personal projects, in various media.

Illustrations in Print

Cover Illustration for Wild Ride by Anne Stevenson Yang, pencil on paper, published by Bui Jones Ltd, 2023.

Cover Illustration for Hello, Kitty by Anne Stevenson Yang, paint and ink on paper, published by Bui Jones Ltd, 2023.

Illustration for Brother by Shah Tazrian Ashrafi, pencil on paper, pulished by Mekong Review, 2022.

Flyer image for The Barbican's Chronic Youth Film Festival, pencil on paper, 2023

Flyer for Denied Parties at the ICA, ink on paper, 2023

Live Drawing

KNATS in concert, charcoal on paper, 2023.

Parthenope's Final Recital, pencil on paper, 2024.

Quick Change in Regent's Park, pencil on paper, 2022.

From 'Tokyo Fist', ink on paper, 2024.

Sofabed, charcoal on paper, 2024. 

Nightclub series

Serenity of the Earplug Dancer, pencil on paper, 2022.

Phonox, pencil on paper, 2022.

Specialist, chalk pastel and charcoal on paper, 2023.

Rebuffed again, pencil on paper, 2023.

2. from ‘Meninas do Brasil’ (2002) by Mari Stockler, 2022.

Grant Museum of Zoology

Jar of Moles, pen on paper, 2022.

Eddie and the Chimp's Head, pen on paper, 2022.

Curiosities, pen on paper, 2022. 

Bitsy in France

Playing pool (private commisson), pencil on paper, 2022. 

Cooking (private commission), pencil on paper, 2022. 

Doing the Bins (private commission), pencil on paper, 2022. 


Dance, pan pastel on paper, 2023.

Commiserations, oil pastel print on paper, 2023.

Wish You Were Here, mixed media collage, 2023.

Illustration for Nationwide social media, digital, 2022.

Illustration for The Nursery Rhythm by Micha Horgan, pen on paper, pulished by Soft Punk, 2021.