Emily Blundell Owers (b.1998) is a fine artist, illustrator (& sometime writer) born and based in South London. 

Coloured by a literary education, her drawings tell stories and jokes, and tell them slant. Emily's work collages observational drawing and the personal mythologies of the people around her with literary, artistic & historical references, to explore tensions between people and their guises, objects and animals. 

For Emily, the boundaries between her work as an artist and illustrator are porous: informing and reflecting each other within one body of work. She approaches all of her work with sincerity and a sense of humour.

Emily is open to commissions of all kinds - illustration, portraiture, prints of existing works - all requests welcome.

Illustration Clients include: The Lemming, The Barbican, The ICA, Mekong Review, Soft Punk Magazine, WOO, & Nationwide. She works closely with the small publishing imprint Bui Jones on the creative direction and illustration of their books.

emblundello@gmail.com | @emblundello