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in Your ELT Professional Development?!

For your ELT professional development, I offer a variety of eBooks on teaching the four language skills, starting with teaching listening, beginning reading and early writing, ending with teaching and developing students' speaking.

In these eBooks, I put the gist of my experience in teaching English as a foreign English over +15 years with various learners and in various environments and cultures. The techniques and tips in these eBooks are sure-fire teaching methods that worked for me well and they can work for you, too, for sure.

Thanks to the practical information included in these eBooks, I was promoted to senior teachers, ELT supervisor and then teacher trainer.

I think these digital products worth giving a try for two main reasons:

  1. First, they are comprehensive references covering all what you need to know about how to teach each language skill, so you don't need to search for any more resource and,
  2. Most importantly, you can afford them as long as you can afford a cup of coffee. I deliberately offered them at the lowest price so as to be able to spread its benefits among the largest number of people interested in what I write about.

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  1. Teaching Beginning Reading to ESL/EFL Learners
  2. Teaching Reading Comprehension to ESL/EFL Learners
  3. Teaching Early Writing to ESL/EFL Learners
  4. Teaching The Writing Process to ESL/EFL Learners
  5. Writing Effective Test Items: The Definitive Guide
  6. Teaching Speaking to EFL Learners