US Inequality Data

Impact of the Great Migration on police spending from 1920-2012. Figure from Derenoncourt (2021) "Can you move to opportunity? Evidence from the Great Migration."

Public Finance and Neighborhoods Database, 1920-2015

A database of historical and contemporary characteristics of urban, non-southern commuting zones in the US. Topics include

  • Economic characteristics

  • Neighborhood and social characteristics

  • Political and cultural characteristics

  • Incarceration and crime

  • Schools

  • Public finance

  • Population characteristics

Download here. Full documentation coming soon.

Intergenerational mobility curves by race and region, 2015

Can you move to opportunity? Evidence from the Great Migration

  • Replication archive available here. Copies of US Census Bureau city government employment database and finances of individual governments database available here and here.

Racial inequality in the labor market, 1950-2017

Minimum wages and racial inequality (with C. Montialoux):


  • Minimum Wage database (1950-1980): minimum wages by state, industry, month, year for men (.xlsx), and women (.xlsx)

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics Industry Wage Reports: raw data 1960s (.html) and 1970-1979 (.html)

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics Industry Wage Reports: digitized data for laundries, hotels, restaurants & nursing homes (.dta), schools (.dta), and hospitals (.dta) by gender, area, region & occupation, and average wages data for both industries covered in 1938 and 1967 (.dta)

  • Complete raw data: March CPS, U.S. decennial censuses, BLS industry wage reports, CPI-U-RS series, minimum wage databases, etc. (.html)

Replication archive:

  • Complete data, programs, tables, figures & tex files: Working Paper, main and appendix tables and figures, raw and output data & programs (.html)