Live Looper

Privacy Policy

  • Our privacy policy is as simple as it gets!...Elkland Technologies collects absolutely nothing about you.
  • Since nothing is collected, nothing about you is stored, used or disclosed.
  • There are no controls needed for collected user data since nothing is collected.
  • There is no access to collected user data since nothing is collected.
  • No applicable laws or regulations are violated since nothing is collected.
  • Note: The Live Looper app stores your settings (i.e. font, theme, count-in volume, etc.) on your local system so the app can open with your desired settings each time. These settings are NEVER accessed by anything other than the Live Looper app on your local system and are NEVER used for anything other than opening the app with your desired settings.
  • Note: Microsoft collects information related to apps downloaded and installed from the Microsoft Store. Please refer to Microsoft's privacy policy regarding any information collected by Microsoft.

Thanks for reading our privacy policy and thanks for using Live Looper!


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