"As an Ed Tech at Alexander Elementary School, she made so many contributions to my combined first and second grade class that I hardly know where to begin. She brought a quiet calmness to our classroom, along with her skills in teaching academics. She supervised a period for grades one, two , and three, incorporating art, drama and music into a year-long program of skills-based activities. She taught us, students and teachers alike, about Brain Gym, which I still incorporate into my classroom today. As long as I have known her, she has been invariably cheerful, positive and helpful."

Ruth Sousa

Teacher (retired)

Alexander Elementary School, Maine

"Elizabeth impressed me as one of the most intelligent, hardworking, responsible students I have ever known. In addition to her academic excellence, Elizabeth is a kind, generous and understanding person. she is a very caring person, wonderful with children, always kind to others, and knows so much to help and teach young children."

Dr. Chuck Kim

Assistant Professor of Education

On-line Part-time Faculty at UMM

"I have known Elizabeth for  more than ten years and have had the privilege to witness the passion she demonstrates for instructing young children. Elizabeth has a natural teaching ability where her commitment for the educational growth of students is clearly evident. Another admirable quality Elizabeth possesses is her dedication to her studies and striving to excel in all areas of her classes. Each assignment is treated with the utmost attention to achieve her highest standards. Besides her strong professional, qualities, Elizabeth has wonderful personal qualities that perfectly compliment a career in teaching. She is kind, caring, organized, creative and dedicated."

Nancy Fox

Director of Development

The Jackson Laboratory, Maine