About the Artist

My Work

My photographs were taken using a vintage 35 mm film Minolta XE-7 and a Canon F1. I value the intention required to work with film. Nothing is instant. I feel the visible imperfections from this process are beautiful, give it character, and create a timeless aesthetic to the work. I love the process of working with film and feel a connection to the past through it. My negatives are developed by hand, in my bathroom.

My work focuses on landscapes, architecture, and city scenes. When working, I go to a specific location and walk around to see what sparks my interest. I am inspired by my life, travels, and classical photography.

My Life

My name is Elizabeth Branson and I'm originally from Richardson, TX. After graduating from the University of North Texas with a BFA in art education, I moved to Chicago. It's in Chicago that I met my husband, Michael, who is also from the North Texas area. It is also in Chicago that I first began my photography journey. I started with a DSLR that we bought for a trip. I soon fell in love and we started a small photography business. I took a darkroom class and learned the art of film photography. I fell in love all over again with the process of taking and developing black and white film. After having a baby and moving back to the North Texas area I began to venture into further developing my fine art film photography and selling prints. I'm still a full time teacher on top of creating and selling fine art photography and scheduling family portrait shoots with my Studio Branson Photography business. One way I make it work is to include my son, now a toddler, in my fine art photo excursions. About half of my Texas photographs were taken while keeping up with him. Sometimes he's great just sitting in a stroller, chilling and other times he's getting muddy in the puddles while I shoot the bridges over the Trinity.


Best in Show at the State Fair of Texas, Professional Black and White Photography division, 2019

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