Academy Refund Policy

The Canadian Elite Academy 

Refund Policy

Refund Policy

As the Academy continues to grow and shift its model of delivering sessions, we will review our policies to ensure they align

with our administrative capacity and program delivery structure. We aim to provide practical, safe, fun, and sustainable programming for good value.


The Academy Refund Policy 

We have developed a refund policy intending to strike a balance between recognizing the planning and set costs required to deliver

programming as a not-for-profit entity, as well as the fairness to participants who have to miss a substantial number of sessions due to unforeseen circumstances.  


The Academy offers a variety of sessions, and they have different refund policies. The CEO must review all refunds that session coaches cannot approve or issue. If you believe a refund should be issued, do not hesitate to complete the form to find out.


Single-time Sessions

(One Day for a period of time)


Month-long Multiday Sessions

(Same Focus Spread over a Single month)


 Mini Camps

(Multiday in a row) 

Summer Beach Volleyball Training

(Two or three-month sessions)


The Academy will review each request for a refund and measure it against the cost of the event and coaching assignments, and a response will be given within a week of the request. Any refusal of a refund by the CEO can be appealed to the Academy Board of Directors.

Phone Contact: 6394808585