Elise Walker


Postdoctoral Appointee at Sandia National Laboratories


curriculum vitae

I started a research postdoc position at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque in summer of 2022.

In May 2022 I graduated with my Ph.D. in Mathematics from Texas A&M University under the advisement of Frank Sottile. My dissertation was "Toric Varieties and Numerical Algorithms for Solving Polynomial Systems".

My graduate research interests were in nonlinear algebra and its applications. That is to say, if there is a polynomial system involved, then I am interested! My research has spanned the use of numerical and computational methods for solving polynomial systems.

Graduate research topic interests:

  • Toric varieties and degenerations

  • Numerical homotopies

  • Subalgebra bases (or, more generally, Khovanskii bases)

  • Newton-Okounkov bodies

  • Applications to chemical reaction networks

I served as an events coordinator for the TAMU Math Graduate Student Diversity Committee, which I helped found in Summer 2020. Check out our diversity events and resources on our website!

I also served as a committee member of the College of Science Diversity Committee.