Enhancing Innovative Teaching and Learning Experiences in STEM

Creating teaching and learning resources that are innovative, interactive and improve classroom delivery leading to improved learner outcomes in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) subjects.

Resources created are both digital and physical resources for learners in basic education


We form collaborative partnerships with schools to provide digital skills coaching. We support teachers' and learners' adaptation to technology tools in the classrooms.

We also manage a collaborative group of teachers using 'Technology in Classroom' where we share free tutorials and resources on digital skills to teachers .

content development

We develop digital fun, interactive and engaging resources in STEM and soft skills for learners and teachers.

We also enable sharing of curated innovative resources like online games, videos and pictures that can enhance the learning process and develop a holistic individual.

educational games

Educational games help learners’ practice and learn basic numeracy skills, mental math, vocabularies and collaboration in an engaging and interactive way.