Elias Aydi

About me

NASA NHFP Hubble Fellow

Michigan State University

I am currently a NASA Hubble Fellow at Michigan State University, working in the group of  Prof. Laura Chomiuk on multi-wavelength observations of novae and time-domain astronomy.

Research interests

My research interest involves transient science, time-domain astronomy, and high-energy astrophysics. Particularly, I focus on multi-wavelength observations of classical novae and my research is fundamentally reshaping our understanding of these eruptive events, particularly the role of shocks in powering novae and stellar transients. I am also interested in studying cataclysmic variable systems and accreting white dwarfs, in general. My research also involves radiation-hydro modelling of evolved stars and their interaction with nearby companions. 

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Press Releases

Nova Powered by shocks

Most luminous nova on record

In the wake of a dying Sun

Outreach Activities

I have a great passion for public engagement and outreach. I have always been engaged in many outreach activities, including organizing public viewing events, giving public talks directed to adults and school students, as well as producing online astronomy, educative content. Click on the button below to learn more about the outreach activities I am in involved in.

Public talks and podcasts

Organizing outreach activities

Online educative content

At MSU I co-lead the MSU Observatory Research Program (MORP), where we train our undergraduate students to make use of the MSU observatory (whit its 24'' telescope) for research, educational, and outreach purposes. Watch the video below to learn more about MORP.

Curriculum Vitae

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Publication list

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I am an aspiring photographer, who enjoys capturing the moment using a diversity of gears. I do a variety of photography from portrait, to drone, vintage film, landscape, and of course astrophotography.  Visit my photography portfolio to get check out some of my captured moments: www.eaphotography89.com