Align With Your Purpose

Top leaders from around the world coming together to bring you ways to elevate and create success in your life. Find your internal guidance, strength and wisdom, calmness, connection, and emotional well-being, as well as strategy and planning, inspiration and motivation, from the top achievers in their area of expertise. An event you will not want to miss. Expect to get clear on your life purpose and direction and well as the inspiration and strategy to execute!

Michelle McClain- Your Host

As a leader in the health and wellness industry, Michelle went from an eviction notice to a million dollar business by helping people transform their lives. She has proven that the American dream is still alive and well with a remarkable story of redemption and success.
Michelle is an author, speaker, podcast host, spiritual healer and mentor, as well as business owner of a global sales team impacting thousands of people around the world. She specializes in business and sales training, subconscious reprogramming, as well as a holistic health and wellness through various healing modalities- utilizing the meridians and energy centers of the body.
With her experience and gifts, Michelle calls herself an elevation coach, with a special way of removing blocks for people using her business expertise, as well as mental and spiritual mentorship, to allow people to reach their fullest potential.
Michelle has been able to overcome abuse of nearly every kind- physical, mental, emotional, sexual, women’s shelters, etc… As well she has also experience the tragic loss of her brother. She overcame alcohol abuse, addiction, insomnia, and depression.
Growing up in schools where she was the minority, Michelle has a unique perspective of inclusivity and non-judgement, and her life is a beautiful example of what is possible when we look at soul versus race, gender, background, etc…
Her life experience gives her a unique understanding of human suffering and knows what it takes to overcome these obstacles. As a mentor and business owner, her journey took her into a world of personal growth and development- which she deems was her “gateway to healing”. She has helped facilitate transformational workshops for people from all around the world- supporting breakthroughs both mentally and emotionally in her 12 years of business and wellness coaching.
Her training and coaching is practical, scientific and also holistic. Her experience, leadership, and guidance has already had a huge impact, and has transformed thousands of lives globally. Her mission is to influence millions of people to live a healthier lifestyle mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally; achieving true wealth, which is defined as well-being. This is where her impact comes into play in the world- through various courses, media shows, and input from experts, as well asl 1 on 1.


Tony Litster

Tony has a unique background that brings together real life results in the offline and online business worlds. Over 20 years, he has owned businesses ranging from furniture stores, real estate, online education products, and performance coaching.

He helped build and sell an online publishing businesses that had a social media reach of over 100 million views during its best week.

He has spent over 10,000 hours deep inside the inner worlds of CEO’s, executives, attorneys, athletes, artists and world changers.

Tony specializes in helping people accelerate their results while overcoming the self-sabotage patterns that often follow success.

As a trainer and public speaker, Tony’s humor and vulnerability create a unique environment that allows for radical new results in your body, money and deep relationships.

Using cutting edge brain science, he will empower you with the tools to navigate the actual experience of juggling relationships, business and creating your dreams.

Tony currently lives between Idaho and the Dominican Republic with his wife and 5 kids and is practicing growing a beard.


Crystal Lindsey

Crystal Lindsey, MBA was abandoned into the foster care system and disowned by her family at 11 years old. She KNEW she had to be faster, wiser, stronger, and more capable than the general population in order to overcome having no support. Through a dynamic morning routine, Crystal raised herself into a successful entrepreneur, former college professor, best-selling author, award-winning artist, and consistency coach.

Now she leads the Happy Life Activation Movement where she helps others overcome incredible odds using her "secret sauce" in their own guided morning routine.




Carlos Siqueira is an Wealth Strategist, and Author of the International Best Selling Book, Work Like an Immigrant. He is also a Keynote Speaker, High Performance Coach, Agency Builder, Business Acceleration Strategist, Investor, Blockchain Enthusiast, Show Host of the Carlos Inspire Show, and Movement Maker on a Mission to Make Poverty History. One of his super powers are helping others creating accelerated passive income to free up our time to do more of what we love. He loves financial vehicles that earn, and grow our money tax free. He has mentored CEO's around the globe from startups to Fortune 100 companies such as Xfinity, formerly known as Comcast generate a few Billion dollars in revenue between all the people he mentored. Tony Robbins himself, says on record, if there is one person in the world to give him a run for his money, it is Carlos Siqueira.