The Electronic Village Online (EVO) was founded in 2000 as a special project of the CALL-IS. EVO offered its first 10 free online sessions on through Blackboard to 120 participants worldwide in 2001. Over these past 20 years, EVO has become a success in training moderators in best practices of online/distance teaching and offering free five-week online/distance sessions from early January to mid-February each year.

In total, over 50,000 English teachers from countries all over the world have participated in EVO sessions during the past 20 years! See some of the highlights to mark this milestone, and consider participating in these anniversary-year events.

  • Watch testimonials from former and current EVO coordinators, session moderators, and participants about their experience with EVO: EVO 20th Anniversary videos on Flipgrid.

  • Watch the 10-minute "Best of EVO21" asynchronous presentation recordings hosted on the CALL-IS 2021 EV Flipgrid site.

  • Participate in the "Best of EVO21" live/synchronous presentations hosted by the CALL-IS. See the program schedule for dates/times.

  • Attend a free webinar, “EVO: 20 Years of Free Professional Development in Online Teaching/Learning for English Language Teachers Worldwide,” hosted by TESOL on May 26, 2021 from 9:00-10:30 US EDT (= 14:00-15:30 UTC). Register here to participate.

The three co-founders of the Electronic Village Online (EVO)--Christine Bauer-Ramazani, Tom Robb, and Susan Gaer—and 11 EVO lead coordinators—Elizabeth Hanson-Smith, Aiden Yeh, JoAnn Miller, Carla Arena, Nina Liakos, Mbarek Akaddar, Nellie Deutsch, Carolina Buitrago, Martha Ramirez, and Vance Stevens—all renowned authors and presenters--will discuss the reasons for the success of the all-volunteer EVO in providing free instruction in online learning/teaching.

  • Consider submitting a proposal to offer a five-week EVO session: In June 2021, EVO will announce its Call for Proposals for EVO2022 sessions. Moderators of accepted proposals will receive four weeks of professional development in online learning/teaching in October/November. EVO2022 sessions begin in January. Visit here for information on what to include in a session proposal.